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    Revealed: 4 Pros And 4 Cons of Apple iPhone X!


    Getting gaga to buy iPhone X without evaluating its pros and cons is not the wise decision hence you should first evaluate the pros and cons of iPhone precisely. This practice makes you find whether this particular phone meets your requirements or not thus you take a right decision.

    While examining the pros and cons of iPhone X, you should put the temptation of this specific phone aside otherwise you fail to take the right decision. It was launched in September of this current year.

    It is essential to know that it has a 5.80-inch touchscreen display and it is the prominent attribute of iPhone X that its lovers advocate. Below are some major pros and cons of iPhone X with the unbiased review.

    You should ensure that you take a look at them carefully if you really want to know that whether you should buy it or not.

    Let’s start with its pros


    1. It is one of the major features of iPhone X. It is a great way of unlocking your phone which is definitely a great comfort. Sometimes, you are damn busy while working and have no time even to touch your smartphone to unlock. It is not wrong to say that it is more convenient compared to “fingerprint security scanning system.


    1. Want to get rid of annoying charging cables? Consider buying iPhone X. It gets charged through a high-tech charging mat. All you need to do is to lay your iPhone X on that high-tech charging mat.


    1. You also find that this particular smartphone also consists of the ability of fast charging and this feature has also attracted the iPhone lovers. iPhone X gets charged more than 70 percent in one hour charging period. It also has a great battery life giving it an edge over other smartphones.


    1. Its screen is better as well as bigger if you compare it with other smartphones. It also comprises of HD OLED as well as Tone technology. Because of its highest pixel ability, the viewing experience of people will enhance compared to other iPhones.

    No home button and large screen in the iPhone X

    Now it is time for cons


    1. The price of iPhone X is very high hence people having a confined budget cannot think to buy it. It can cost you $1,000 and it means that it is not the phone for the masses. People with having a confined budget have to wait until its price gets down.


    1. This smartphone is available in few colors and it also contributes to reducing the number of its buyers. You find that it is available in space gray and silver. Apple should think of making iPhone X in more colors and it will definitely enhance the number of its buyers.


    1. While the screen of iPhone covers the phone’s length, there is a notch blocks screen right at the top of its front-facing camera. You find that the notch has been criticized by many people as it interrupts the proper view of a screen.


    1. People who are used to the gestures they use with their current iPhones may not learn new gestures of iPhone X. You will find that iPhone X has new commands for switching between different apps and summoning Siri.



    The Bottomline

    By going through its pros and cons, one can reach a conclusion that neither it is fully ideal to buy it nor it is less than any other highly advanced smartphone to ignore it. The high price of iPhone X makes it a smartphone for elites hence people with a limited budget cannot buy it.



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