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    How to Check if your Bootloader is Locked or Unlocked

    Check and Verify whether your Android Smartphone’s Bootloader is Locked or Unlocked

    If you are an Android user then you might come across a term called bootloader, well in simple language bootloader is a code that executes before any operating system starts to run.

    In the case of Android devices, many manufacturers provide their smartphones with locked bootloader which makes them virtually impossible to install a custom ROM or firmware on those devices, so before flashing any custom ROM or firmware on Android it is necessary to unlock its stock bootloader.

    So today we are not providing a tutorial on how to unlock bootloader but providing a tutorial on how to check if your bootloader is still locked or unlocked if you have tried to unlock it.

    Updated Guide:

    How to check if your bootloader is locked or unlocked

    This tutorial is suitable for all versions of Android. We are providing two different methods to check the status of your bootloader, use the one that works for you.

    Method 1 :

    This one is the easiest method and works with any device out there, you don’t require any use of a PC, you just need to enter a special block of numbers in your keypad to check your bootloader’s status.

    Step 1: Open your device’s dialer (App where you enter telephone numbers to call someone).

    Step 2: Dial the below code, it will automatically open a new window. (if it doesn’t open anything then use the second method).


    Step 3: Now in that window go to Service Info >> Configuration, and see if there is :

    Bootloader unlock allowed - Yes; This means that your Bootloader is Locked
    Bootloader Unlocked - Yes; This means that your Bootloader is unlocked

    Method 2 :

    Step 1: Download and install adb & fastboot package & drivers in your system (Google it for your device).

    Step 2: After successful installation of adb & fastboot, connect your device to your PC via USB cable in fastboot mode.

    Step 3: Now open the folder where your adb & fastboot package is extracted, press the Shift key on your keyboard and right-click in the folder and select “Open command prompt here“.

    Step 4: It will open a Command Prompt window.

    Step 5: Type the following command to check if the device was detected in fastboot mode.

    fastboot devices

    Step 6: if you don’t get the device or anything it means that the drivers weren’t correctly installed or the device wasn’t connected properly, if this happens try reinstalling your drivers.

    Step 7: Next run the following command to check the status of your device’s bootloader.

    fastboot oem device-info

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    Helen HH

    After I type in the phone number for “method 1” do I hit DIAL?
    Even without hitting DIAL the number just instantly disappears and does nothing.


    same occurs with me

    Yo Yo honey Singh

    your 2nd method is the mother of all fails.


    found this on xda(worked for me)
    fastboot getvar all


    That works for me, thanks!


    Ref step2, “connect your device to your PC via USB cable in fastboot mode.” What do you mean by in fastboot mode and how to do it.

    Also can you clarify if the phone needs to be ON or OFF. For example my phone Panasonic P81 is not booting, it gets stuck at logo screen. Will this method work for me?


    Try key press combinations in power off.. Like volume down+ power or volume up+ power….


    both command didn’t work

    the 1stgeek

    neither worked and when i used adb it keeps saying waiting for device in cmd


    step 1 didn’t work for me so i did step 2.
    For step 2 i started here and followed the rest of the instructions here.


    When I passed that I had a pop-up that said “Sim contacts loaded.” Wonder if I just sent my contacts list somewhere on the dark web?

    Blogging Generation

    Loved this easy and helpful tutorial. I tried all these steps but due to my honor 5x is already locked by the company itself, i am unable to unlock it. Thanks for the tutorial. good day!