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    10 Incredible App Design Tips For Your Next Android Project

    Are you passionate about creating your own Android app but aren’t sure where to get started? Click here for 10 incredible app design tips you need to try.

    Developing a new Android project?

    Looking for the best app design tips?

    Creating mobile apps can be a lot of fun and can be very lucrative if done right. However, it’s important that you know a few best practices if you want to compete with all of the other apps on the market. You need to know a few special tricks and tips to design a great app and make sure users will love it.

    Below we’ll look at the top 10 app design tips you need to know about when designing your next Android app.


    1. Color Matters

    When you’re designing a mobile app, it’s important that you understand the importance of colors. The power of color in design isn’t to be underestimated. The color scheme you choose will have a big impact on the overall presentation of your app and its branding.

    Colors are also a great way to use hierarchy in your app. Creating different colored buttons, for example, can help a user understand the decisions and choices they’ll be making when navigating your app.


    1. Decide on Your Font

    The font you use is also important to think about when designing an Android app.

    It’s important to know a little bit about the most common fonts and understand what effect they can have on an app user. Keep in mind that the Roboto font is the Android standard.

    It’s important to use a font that is completely legible but you may also want to consider picking a font that will match your branding and make your design stand out. You should aim to make your app look unique, but don’t sacrifice usability to do it.


    1. Go Easy on the Text

    While you should make sure to have a great font in your app, remember that you shouldn’t rely too much on text. A great app will be highly visual and easy on the eyes. Having large blocks of text and very few images or graphics in your app design can make it hard on a user.

    These days, people expect an app to not only function well but to look visually appealing as well. Make sure you’re including enough visuals in your app if you want to ensure it makes the most impact.


    1. Learn to Love the Grid

    When making an app, you’ll need to work with a grid to ensure every design element is perfect. Using an App Creator, you’ll need to pay attention to spacing when creating your layout to ensure you’re creating an app that has a great user experience.

    When working with a grid, you’ll be able to make sure widths and heights are consistent with your design’s margins and padding. Using a grid to organize your app layout and get it perfect is essential for building an amazing looking app that is easy to use.


    1. Keep a User in the Loop

    When users are in an app, they expect their hand to be held to some extent. Paritucally when it comes to loading screens, for example, people like to know what’s going on.

    Always remember to speak to your users through the app to let them know what they can expect. If something in your app is loading, give them an indicator such as a loading bar and an indication of how long it will take. This will help users to be more patient and will minimize their frustration.


    1. Test, Test, Test

    User testing is one of the best things you can do to make an amazing app and create a design that is easy to use and looks great.

    Different types of testing methods are available but doing some kind of user testing is essential It will help you get feedback directly about what works for your app and what doesn’t.

    With user testing, you’ll be able to cut out the guesswork and have a much better time designing your app. Make sure you find a way to test your app early on.


    1. Get Familiar With the System

    Different operating systems and platforms have different needs and different standard practices that you need to be aware of. Android, iOS, and Windows all vary and each has different design guidelines that you may want to follow to get the most out of your app.

    Even if you’re creating a cross-platform app, you’ll still want to take the differences of each of these operating systems into consideration. Be sure you know what elements are specific to the Android platform so that you can do your best to meet its demands.


    1. Be Aware of the Trends

    One of the biggest mistakes you can make when creating an app is to use outdated design elements. Make sure you’re aware of the trends and are using them to make your app more modern and relevant.

    By following the current trends, you’ll be able to make your app stand out. However, by using trends from 10 years ago, you may run the risk of creating an app that looks old.

    While there are cases when you shouldn’t follow the trends exactly, you’ll want to know what the trends are so you can decide if you want to consciously break them or not.


    1. Know the Power of a Great Logo

    Logos can be a great help in building an app design that stands out. While logos won’t add functionality to your app they can work wonders for its branding. A logo can make the whole package seem a lot more professional.

    Make sure you take the time to create a great logo. Poor logo design can send the wrong message and make the image of your app and brand plummet.


    1. Simplicity is Key

    While you’ve likely heard it before, the truth is that is that you should keep your design simple. Trying to do too many things at once in your app can make it unusable.

    You need to make sure that your app is highly focused and that any unnecessary design elements have been cut out. An app should be simple and easy to use and the design should be as uncluttered as possible.


    Making the Most of Your App Design

    While it takes a lot to build a successful Android app, by using the right app design tips you’ll have a great chance of making your app successful. Make sure you use these design tips if you want to increase your chance of creating a winning app that users will love.

    Looking for more app design and development tips? Click here to learn about the 6 rookie mistakes you need to avoid during app development.

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