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    10 Must Know Things About Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

    Xiaomi was founded in the year 2010 and it was started from China, but the expansion of the Xiaomi market started from the year 2014 with the launch of Xiaomi Mi 4i in India, Philippines, and Malaysia. These were highly successful device launch by Xiaomi and that became the reason for Xiaomi’s interest in exploring the market of these places even more.

    Therefore, in the year 2016, Xiaomi launched its flagship of smartphone named Redmi Note 4 that came with integrated MIUI 8 and Marshmallow. Since its launch time, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 achieved huge popularity and that is why they also launched redmi note 4 accessories for their smartphone users.

    Apart from general accessories like Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 covers for functionality improvement of a smartphone, Redmi Note 4 flip cover became highly popular between audiences because this was the freedom of appearance for all users. These accessories are easily available in e-stores.

    If you are thinking about changing the appearance of your smartphone, then you might need to think about purchasing a new one. But with Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 cases, you can change the style and appearance of your phone without changing your smart phone. Finding the most suitable, durable and best Redmi Note 4 cover is the easiest thing to do due to the huge variety of choices available for users.



    Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

    10 Must Know Things

    1. Second Space

    This is a feature allow you to create a personalized space for your different kind of data. Such as, you can keep your work data and personal data separately which will require a tap of your finger under System And Devices option available in the settings menu. Switching these spaces will just require one click on the icon that will be visible on the screen.


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    2. Dual Apps

    It allows you to create two accounts on the same apps like Whatsapp so that you can keep your personal and business accounts separate which will make it easier to manage contacts and conversations. You can simply access the particular account by clicking on the icon that will be created on the home screen and you will not be confused about the profiles even after creating two profiles on the same app. It is like having Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 flip cover that will do the task of smartphone safety and pouch as well.


    3. QR Wi-Fi Sharing

    This is an amazing feature that allows you to do all different kinds of Wi-Fi sharing activities simply with the use of QR Code. It will be best for online sharing with your friends because you will no longer need to share the lengthy password and your friend will no longer need to authenticate the connectivity by inserting a password. All you need to do is share the QR Code and this will simplify the entire sharing process for everyone.


    4. Shake And Arrange

    If you see that your apps are not arranged properly and that is causing confusion then you can simply use Shake And Arrange feature of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. You just need to shake your smartphone and then all app icons will be properly arranged without leaving any hide out gaps behind. This feature is best for those users who generally download a lot of applications and that is the reason why they don’t want to waste their time in managing icons.


    5. Long Screenshot

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 enables users to easily take a snapshot of the complete page. Unlike other screenshot taking a feature of other devices where only displayed image is captured, this device is offering you the feature of capturing a full-length screenshot. You can select the desired length of the screenshot in it.


    6. Automatic Calls Recording

    This smartphone has the inbuilt feature of call recording. You can choose to record all calls of certain contracts which mean that your calls will be recorded automatically every time a certain person calls you. This feature makes this smartphone even more exciting and useful.


    7. App Lock

    There are different kinds of apps that we use in the smartphone and some of them can be confidential as well. Therefore, you should use application lock feature that is inbuilt in this smartphone which will lock your app and strict it from use unless the pattern or passcode is provided. For example, you purchase Redmi Note 4 back cover to protect your smartphone from scratches and damages, these apps will be protected by the app lock feature properly.


    8. SMS Scheduling

    Applications can always do this but it is even better when you get the feature of SMS scheduling in your smartphone. This smartphone will allow you to schedule your SMS to the recipient of your choice. You can choose a date and then you can schedule it with a click.

    9. Quick Ball

    If we talk about Quick Ball feature of this smartphone then Apple’s Assistive Touch can be the most suitable example of it. You can set five different priorities on this assistive button. You can set this feature on and you can enjoy using features like app switching or any other feature more conveniently with the help of this button.


    10. Hide Files And Messaging

    If you have some confidential files or messages that you don’t wish to disclose to anyone then this is the best feature for you. You can hide desired messages and files with this feature so that no one can see even when they have access to your smartphone. Your private files will stay out of the sight of other people with this feature.

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