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    Why Good UX Pays Way More Than Spending Lots On Ads

    There is no denying that having a website is a huge part of operating a successful business, as it’s the first port of call for many potential customers. Without a website, it’s very difficult to showcase products and services. It’s also very difficult for people to find out more about you, to get in touch and find answers to their questions. However, that’s not to say that every website is a good website. A lot of businesses make the mistake of spending a lot of money on ads, not realizing that a website boasting a good user experience could actually be a better investment. With good UX, it’s highly likely that a website will have good conversion rates because visitors will enjoy the online experience and find what they are looking for. This means more leads, more sales, and more revenue. These are not things that are always guaranteed with ads alone.


    How To Ensure UX Boosts Conversion Rates

    For a website to have good UX, visitors must be able to find what they are searching for with ease. This means not being slowed down by poor navigation, slow load times and confusing pages. These are things that can drive them off the website and to that of a competitor, which causes conversion rates to drop. There are a number of ways to ensure UX boosts conversion rates, and it’s all to do with creating a website that is functional and informative.


    Add Videos to Landing Pages

    As landing pages work as sales pages, they are often comprised of a lot of text. Though this does provide a visitor with important information, it can make everything feel overly detailed and long. There’s often a bit of focus on getting a visitor to get in touch right away, persuading them to buy a product or service immediately. However, this is unlikely to happen if there’s a lot of text for them to take in. This is why adding video works well. Videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates in a big way, as they are more enjoyable to watch than reading text is and they convey a clear message. Video is a way to encourage people to make a sale, without bombarding them with daunting paragraphs of text.


    Consider CTA Placement 

    Everyone knows that adding a call to action button is important on any website, but a lot of people don’t give enough thought to where they actually place the button. UX can suffer if the CTA is hard to see or hard to click, which in turn results in fewer conversions. Simply, visitors aren’t going to waste their time looking for a CTA button that isn’t easy to find. A CTA button should encourage someone to get in touch with the business in a way that is quick and easy.


    Improve Website Speed

    Speed is one of the most important things to think about when looking at UX, as visitors are used to websites loading almost instantly. If a website is slow and has long load times, UX will suffer and visitors will take their business elsewhere. Websites that are noticeably slower bring in fewer conversions than those that are faster. If there’s one thing that you can do to improve UX and boost conversions, it speeds up the website. Website speed is something that all businesses need to think about regardless of whether they offer products, such as, or services.


    Make Sure the Website is Readable 

    When visitors can’t understand the contents of a website or if the text is too small to read, they won’t know what to do. They won’t know whether they should be reading reviews, checking out products, watching a video or getting in touch. If it’s not readable, visitors may head elsewhere. This is why it’s vital to make sure that the text is big enough, clear and laid out in a simple way. Most people only skim the copy on a website and so the key pieces of information need to be obvious, otherwise potential customers won’t be able to comprehend what they should be doing and this leads to confusion rather than conversions.


    Offer Free Shipping 

    If someone is on the fence about purchasing a product, free shipping could be the small thing that pushes them to buy. There are a lot of businesses offering similar products, which means that good UX relies on you offering something a little extra. Offering free shipping only costs businesses a small amount of money, but it can entice shoppers in a big way. It’s a nudge in the right direction and great encouragement to go ahead with a sale.


    Great Website Navigation 

    Businesses have a website with the aim of getting visitors to convert, but poor navigation can hinder this in a big way. When a web page is too busy or cluttered, visitors tend to take their attention elsewhere. Too many navigational links can cause confusion, and too many images can distract from the copy and the CTAs. There isn’t a visitor out there who will convert into a sale if they don’t understand how to use the website or what the website is offering. It’s very difficult to get someone to convert if they can’t find the product they are looking for or if the navigation bar doesn’t clearly display contact information.


    As you can see, good website UX goes a long way towards securing conversions. Though spending a lot on advertising does have its benefits, there’s no taking away from the fact that UX is the key to a successful website. When a website is successful, it brings in leads and conversions at very little cost to the business. This isn’t something that’s guaranteed with advertising, as even spending a lot doesn’t guarantee conversions. Rather than spending a lot of ads, it pays to think about UX and make website improvements wherever necessary.

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