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    What to Expect From Your Web Developer During Your Website Build

    Building a website can be a challenging task, especially if you are not a designer or coder. Fortunately, it is not rocket science. Nowadays you can use the code-free, drag and drop website builders such as WordPress and Drupal.

    Nevertheless, you may need a professional to assist with your web building process. You will want to search for the best web development team to save you a lot of time. A good web building team will take the time to understand your goals before designing anything. If you are hiring a designer for the first time, you probably do not know what to expect from your web developer. Read on to understand everything that your web developer should provide during the web development process.


    1. The Planning Phase

    Planning should be the initial step in your web development project. Make sure you meet with your development team and help them understand your goals. The best approach to this is to have a project manager meet with clients. The project manager will act as a point of contact throughout the project. At this point, you should have your goals outlined, but you might not know how to accomplish them since you are unfamiliar with the technology. As a result, your development team should come up with a list of detailed solutions. The information they provide should be enough for you to make a decision. In this phase, you should plan your website’s design and functionality with your developer. Every development team has a unique method of working on your site. However, whatever manner they choose should accommodate your schedule.


    2. The Development Phase

    Your web developer should always check-in and update you on their progress during the entire project. Even after the planning period is over, you should have meetings with your developer to notify them of any features you may want to add or change. Most developers will schedule a weekly review meeting to go through the current status, site demos, and answer any of your questions. You should have full access to your project to enable you to spot any problem at any time. You can also opt to avail yourself when you are needed, but you should always know the progress of your project.


    3. The Pre-Launch Phase

    A good development team should test your website in its staging place before it goes live. The testing process depends on the kind of project. However, your team should guide you through quality assurance and UAT (User Acceptance Testing). Make sure your developer explains to you how the testing will be conducted. The best strategy is to have a QA (Question and Answer) session before the launch.


    4.The Post-Launch

    After launching your website, the team should be available to fix any issue. Post-Launch depends on the nature of your project. A website launch makes the beginning of a series of constant updates and site improvements. Determining the kind of post-launch support you require should happen during the planning stage.

    Every web developer is unique, and the web development work depends on your situation. However, there are certain standards that your development team should meet. The best way to determine their criteria is by how well they communicate.

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