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    Top 5 Web Design Trends that you Should Follow in 2018

    2018 is definitely going to be the year of transition when it comes to web designing. With competition getting tougher day by day, designers need to put in little extra efforts and find out what interests users, in particular, to get more engagement from them when they are scrolling through the website. For businesses today, just being present on the web is not enough. To get higher retention from users, it is now inevitable to provide the best user experience in terms of interaction with the website.

    Here we have listed out top 5 trends in web design that will provide you a cutting edge from your competitors:


    1. Bright Colors and Gradients Are Trendy

    Colors are known for forming vivid impressions on a reader’s mind. Different colors express different emotions on a subconscious level. It is really important for any business to pay attention to their target audience, their age group, their preferences, and tastes. Colors representing their emotions well should be a top consideration.

    However, bright colors are trending in this modern era. It probably represents the fast-paced life that we are living in today. Take for an example, Pantone who opted for introducing the bold ‘Ultra Violet’ as the color of the year 2018. Even though it is not a compulsion, try adding bright color to your website for they are definitely trending these days.

    One can also opt for adding gradients in the background, navigation modes and as a filter on visuals with the right dose of colors. These bright color and gradients will help achieve the goal of enhancing visuals.


    1. Navigation Mode Getting Simplified

    A higher user retention demands to provide ease of access over website and app. If users find it difficult to operate your website, they are surely going to leave. This is the reason single page websites are getting popular these days. Gone are the days when the websites used to have complex navigation modes with tones of web pages. Websites with Single Page are the ‘in-thing’ today.

    Such websites have a single page and a scrolling system as a navigation tool. Users just need to scroll down for finding their areas of interests or submenus instead of jumping to the main menu and subsequent submenus. This idea probably stemmed out from our most natural habit of using mobile phones.


    1. Empty Spaces for Highlighting Elements

    A heavily populated web page might not always serve the purpose you are looking for. If your web page is just occupied here and there with all the unimportant stuff, chances are that the important elements of that page might go unnoticed by the users. This is the reason aerating the web page with empty space is the new trend in web designing.

    These blank spaces throw a spotlight on your important elements and add value to the events you want to promote like the call to actions or special offers. So the next time you think about designing a website, do not be afraid to leave spaces empty for accentuating important elements.


    1. Typography at Its Best

    Typography is something you would not consider for the concern of clarity, but not anymore. Unique font styles and designs are trending in 2018. Just think of crafting it carefully to guide your users and let your imagination run freely. Also, keep in mind not to overpopulate a page with such fonts.

    Typography serves as the best way to convey emotions. It helps you to add a visual appeal to your design. So, do not resist yourself in playing with font types for it will only attract more users to your website.


    1. Mobile Accessibility is A Compulsion

    As we all know that Google periodically updates its algorithms to rank websites having more credibility. These updates demand your website to be accessible over all types of devices; be it desktops, tablets or mobile phones.

    It is now important to make your website accessible for all types of screens having varying sizes. To ensure that your users are getting better experience every single time, a progressive web app is the best solution. It allows adapting your web content and features according to the capability of the device being used.




    In the coming year, web designing would not just be a question of look and feel, but of navigation and user experience too. It would be challenging for designers to create a website or web app that is both pleasant to look at and enjoyable to use.

    Although one does not necessarily have to follow these trends explained here, but keep in mind that these points will definitely play a major role in the retention and conversion of your users. In addition, the most undeniable trend of this year that is only going to magnify over time is the last one: Mobile accessibility. Regardless of the other trends mentioned here, it will be inevitable to follow this one.

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