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    How to Determine the Right Web Design for Your Online Business


    Website platform is one of the platforms that are useful for your business promotion activities through online networks. The advantage of using it is that your business can reach potential customers who were previously inaccessible.

    A Website needs to be made in a form that is quite simple and easy to explore visitors or visitors, professional web design will also help increase the trust of prospective customers who want to buy from you.

    As for if you want to display visuals that are a little complicated, make sure the visuals are suitable for your target consumers. So that although it is complicated according to your target visitor it is not, this can also be a target niche filter for your potential customers.

    Some Examples of Web Design for Different Types of Business
    The website will represent what a company or business is like. So good or bad web design of business will indirectly represent the good or bad of the business.

    But it should be noted, good web design is not necessarily suitable to be applied to certain web businesses. Website visitors can feel uncomfortable because of the complexity of the website menu layout, for that we need to understand who our target visitors and potential customers are.

    As a reference, here are some examples of Web designs that are suitable to be applied to certain businesses.

    1. FreshBooks (Business Software)
    2. Dropbox Business (Digital Service)
    3. Melyssa Griffin (Personal Blog)
    4. KIND Snacks (Snack Products)

    Steps for Creating a Web Design that is Suitable for Business Products
    A good website with visually stunning, will not succeed if it turns out to be less suitable with the target visitor and even your business customer.
    So, there are some things you need to do before designing your company or product web.


    1. Study your Business Industry and your Target Visitor & Customer

    Where is your business moving and for whom? If your business is engaged in the engineering industry for contractor vendors, then create a professional web design with several project work portfolios and certain certificates.
    Because in the world of engineering business, what is used is a trusted business that has worked on projects and has high quality.
    Different if your business moves directly to consumers, you can design attractive websites with a variety of unique and attractive products at affordable prices. This also needs to be broken down by consumers with what demographics.


    2. Determine Brand Identity and use it Consistently

    Each design has different values, red signifies bold, yellow means unique & catchy, blue means professional & techy, purple and pink may be feminine and so on.
    Choose the one that suits your product or business, make the standards such as fonts and colour composition and use them consistently and unchanging. Including the application in your web design.


    3. Formulate Layouts that are Easily Navigated by Visitors

    No matter how good your web design is, if there are many components that are difficult for visitors to understand, there is no meaning. Imagine when a visitor comes in and has trouble ordering your product, they may leave the website or even switch to your competitors.


    4. Give orders as clearly as possible to your Visitor!

    It’s called a Call-to-Action! Give clear instructions on what your visitors should do, be it product orders, fill out demo service forms, or donate to social sites.

    Good web design will make it easier for visitors to determine which actions to take, so striking colours can help you.

    Improvements to Layout & Web Design will have an impact on Sales
    As I said earlier, a company or business image will be seen in the form of the company’s website. The better, good and suitable for prospective customers, it will increase the leads of the company’s business.

    But on the contrary, if the website is bad for design, layout and interfaces for visitors, sales performance will decrease.

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