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    9 Essential Points for E-commerce Web Design to Augment Sale

    Today more and more people shop online and it is crucial that your Ecommerce website has a clear and user-friendly design. Everything should be in order on your website to engage customers. It is very important for you to have precise website design to augment the sales of your business.

    Have you ever thought about how the customer will buy anything if products and content will not be available on the website? Here are some points you should consider for your website design to augment sales.


    Pick simple website Design

    Simple website designs are rated best for e-commerce websites because these designs look more appealing than complex website design. To make your design look simpler, cut the unnecessary information and use white space abundantly because in simple websites, users can find items easily.


    Quality Images

    The biggest pain for the users is that they cannot see products clearly due to the low quality of the image. To ease this, you should improve your websites’ design and upload better quality images of products. Utilize photo galleries to showcase each product so that users can see the product from multiple angles. You can also add a close-up window so that users can look the finest detail of product by rolling the cursor.


    Easy Navigation

    Your website must hold the attention of users, so you should make sure that visitors can navigate easily through the website. Easy navigation can hold the interest of users in the product, therefore pay attention to the navigation of your website.


    Minimalist Menus

    In modern e-commerce design, less is more. Less cluttered menus with few options are best because they show quality and authenticity.

    Keep Your Product Arranged

    It is very important that users can find products easily on your website that’s why products on your site should be arranged in specified categories. Make sure that users can find categories easily, you can use a menu bar to showcase categories. With this, users can also notice the categories they did not even know.


    Search Bar

    It is possible, that users will likely have a particular product already in their mind when they come over your site. With the search bar, they can find product easily without scrolling through multiple pages. If users don’t find products they want easily and quickly, they are more likely to go on other websites. That’s why you should have a search bar on your e-commerce website, and make sure to place it near the top right corner of your website.



    Your website must have the filters to allow users to find products as per their need. Size, color, price, and brand are the most popular search filters. Filters allow users to search the products they want while ensuring the specific results. It also makes navigation process seamless. 


    Mobile optimization

    Your website design should be responsive. So, that users can easily navigate through your website even on mobiles, tablets, and others, and make sure image sizes and form fields work on different platforms.


    Keep minimum Text

    Users are interested in products and that’s why they come to the e-commerce website. So, put less content on your website. Keep essential content on the website such as product description. Moreover, organize text in paragraphs, infographics, and bullet point and make them easier to read.

    The mentioned points can engage users to your website and increase the sales of your products. So, make sure to consider these points. There are numbers of the website available on the web that’s why it is hard to keep the attention of users. We at Fifium, understand that e-commerce website must have clear and intuitive design to attract and engage customers. Fifi is a mobile application development company in UK and provides web and app solutions. If you are indulged in the selling of products and want to have your e-commerce website, we can provide you user-friendly and enticing website to increase your sale. Get in touch with us for web development.

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