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    7 UX Design Tips To Build A Smarter Website

    With the advent of digitization and penetration of high-speed internet, a lot of people are spending time online reading news, navigating websites, and using web applications. Studies reveal that this count is expected to surge further in the coming decades.

    But have you ever wondered what compels them to use the internet, rather than following traditional means? Well, the simple answer is – seamless user experience and eye-catchy design.

    Therefore, if you are already running a website, or looking forward to starting one, you must emphasize creating a butter-smooth UX of the website. Here are 7 UX design tips from experts providing Ui Ux design services to build a smarter website –


    1.  Concentrate On User Experience

    Obviously, Content is the King! But, it is equally important to craft a memorable user experience. Experts say, users often forget data and summarize the points of the content, but remember how the website made them feel.

    Graphics, layout, text, and other related interactive elements work hand-in-hand to enrich the experience of the user while navigating through the website. UX design is just the consequential piece of application and web work.

    You can get in touch with a dedicated agency providing Ui Ux design services to get the job done with ease.


    2. Make Sure The Website Is Easy To Scan

    You must understand that people these days don’t read the entire content, but scan them. They read only those portions which they find interesting or are addressing their queries. Thus, it goes without saying that making a website scannable makes it more user-friendly and appealing to the visitors. And, this is when infographics and visuals come into play. As per industry experts, they help in conveying instructions and data to the visitors without any sort of glitch.



    Statistics say that users are able to evaluate the design of a website in just half a second. So, make sure you are not making it difficult for the users to find action buttons. Just focus your attention on the main button rather than too many buttons on the home page. Furthermore, clear and consistent design is always the key to retain the existing and attracting new users.


    4. Keep The Visitors Excited

    Unless you know the trick of keeping your visitors excited, you won’t be able to generate enough organic traffic in the long run. The best trick is to do keep the users scrolling, instead of keeping everything above the fold. With so many screen size available these days, make sure your users are scrolling the entire content.


    5. Don’t Give Your Visitors Too Many Options

    When a user visits your website for the first time, you would obviously want them to complete a specific action. If you ask them to take too many actions just after visiting the website, they will become overwhelmed and leave your website at once.

    In simple words, if a user is asked to make a single choice out of too many options, they may avoid taking any and move on. This is known as analysis paralysis. So, it is always best to provide them with just a few options.


    6. Always Use Established User Patterns

    This is a very important tip that we have for you. Using established design patterns will help you avoid confusions and increase intuitive ease of use. Moreover, established design patterns have a positive impact on the minds of the user. For example, it is always better to place the logo in the top left-hand corner rather than experimenting and placing it in the footer.


    7.  Avoid External Links

    Your website is the only place on the internet where you can customize the user experience. You can try using a music player embed so that your users can hear the music just after visiting your website. Also, you can try writing a blog post rather than linking it to a post on Facebook. In simple words, link out only when extremely necessary.


    To sum it up, if you want your existing visitors to keep visiting your website or if you want to increase the number of unique visitors each month, make sure you focus on the UX of the website. And to do so, you can contact any reputable company providing Ui Ux Design Services.

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