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    20 Innovative Web Design Trends For 2019


    We all are living in the digital age, so, it’s very important for every business and any individual to have a strong online presence. And we all are aware that online presence begins with an informative website.

    Basically, web designing is the process of showcasing and structuring your information through informative designs, content, and layout on the webpage. You can hire a professional web design agency or if you have enough skills then you can design it on your own. However, web designing is all about presenting your data in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand for the users. If you are working at any web design company or are familiar with web designs, then you might be aware that web designs also have their own trends just like fashion and SEO trends.

    Let’s check out 20 Innovative web design trends for 2019 that every professional web designer and entrepreneur should know.


    #1 Lively Hues & Gradients

    You might have remembered the old Instagram icon, that vintage camera one. They had changed it into a prismatic and pearly gradient icon in 2016 because the gradient shades are ruling over the web design trends.

    The great way to attract visitors on your website is to design the website with lustrous gradients and bold colors and it’s absolutely a tested fact. So, make the most of this trend and choose the beautiful gradients & bold colors on your website to make your brand stand out.


    #2 Single Page Web Design

    Single Page Web Designs are in huge demand. Through this layout, you can arrange all the relevant content on your single page.

    It creates an interesting scroll feature and may be the best way to make your website look sleek and smart at the same time.


    #3 Emotional Connect with Emotional Designs

    Emotional connection with the audience via emotional web designs is one of the most important web trends in 2019. With such designs, you can create a sense of faith, joy, and happiness in them. The emotional designs will encourage positivity in them and make them more prone to share your brands’ website with others while increasing your business reach.


    #4 Modern Illustrations

    There is a huge rise in modern and sleek web design trends and such gaining popularity all around in the web designing industry. With small abstract and absurd illustrations on your landing page, you can make your website even more lively and interesting.


    #5 Purposeful Animations

    Animations in web design have been here and they’re still going to continue this year too, but, now, it’s gonna be more purposeful. With small animations now you can create more focus on your web content. Website visitors will engage more and be pleased with such animations.


    #6 Much-Needed White Space

    Even though white space is quite an underestimated part of web design, but in 2019, it’s going to come back with a bang. Whitespace makes a website look clean and gives the must-have elements on the page breathing space between the content and makes it easier for the visitors to focus on them one at a time.


    #7 Vintage Serif Style

    The web design world is shifting to vintage serif styles this year. With the use of serif font families with vintage looks, websites are gaining an almost retro feel. Popular websites like Boston and MailChimp are following this trend which makes their websites feel more vintage and relaxed.


    #8 Brutalist Designs

    If you want to break all this sleek and shiny web design trend, Brutalism is something you can go with to make your brand look different from others. When all your competitors are opting for a shiny and sleek design, the brutalist design will be going to intrigue your visitors and make them attract more to your website.


    #9 Data Visualization Format

    Data visualization is probably the one and only trend that can let you show web data to your visitors in a fun way. This is one web design trend that presents complex data on a website in a unique way, making it look more appealing, interesting and easy to understand for visitors.


    #10 Authentic UX Writing

    Writing with authentic messaging in the UI as a way to guide visitors to products/services are helpful in enhancing user experience. Today, users are becoming more aware and they want an authentic experience. This is why this trend is going to dominate the web design world and it will bring relevant content on board to let the users have seamless web experience.


    #11 Simple Split Screens

    Split screen design is an interesting trend we are starting to see that can help a website stand out. It’s really very simple. A screen that is split into two halves would have different design colors and elements, making them look fantastic and clash with each other, but in a great way.


    #12 Touch of Diversity in Web Design

    Today people want all the options included in one place. They connect with each other through their networks and want to see themselves related to the online content they are exploring on the web. This is where a touch of diversity in your web design will make your brand stand out. This will make people feel more connected and inspire them to spend more time on your website.


    #13 More Focus on Text

    With more focus to improve the websites to make it quicker, it’s quite difficult now to use bulky images and videos on a website. As it can make your website slow, putting your SERP rank in danger. So, you should put more emphasis on relevant content with clear concise headlines in an effective way.


    #14 Enhanced Versions of Chatbots

    Chatbots we see on websites look a bit spam-ish, but in 2019, they have advanced with improved AI technology, great customization, and enhanced colors and all of that will cater to the exact needs of customers and engage more visitors.


    #15 More Inviting Micro-Interactions

    Micro-interactions are proving to be the best way to attract visitors to websites. This specific trend is not a new one however, now it is being renewed in an innovative way. Hover animations, Scroll, and better sound effects are making websites more interesting and fun to engage with.


    #16 Website with Video Background

    The video background trend is one of the coolest ones among the lot. Today, the visitors don’t have enough time to go through all on your website. So, video background is a great idea to show everything in brief on the background of your homepage. It can bring great results for a creative web design agency.


    #17 Use of Minimal Elements

    Minimalism is still going to stay strong in web design trends 2019 and you should take benefit from it. You can use minimal elements on your website to make your visitor’s focus more on what is important and in your brand.


    #18 Natural Lines & Organic Shapes

    Systematic grids and rectangular designs are out of trend now. The web designing world is going to be ruled over by natural lines and organic & geometric shapes. These shapes will give a sense of stability to your website while providing your visitors with a sense of comfort.


    #19 Magical Mix of Vertical & Horizontal Texts

    Recently, a creative design company- Magic People Voodoo People has adopted a healthy mix of vertical and horizontal text layout on their websites. You can also take advantage of it and can turn the heads of your visitors with unique flair & breathable white spaces on your website.


    #20 Make a bold website with Black & White Elements

    There is nothing more appealing than a black & white web layout. Switch to a black & white color scheme for your website to let your visitors solely focus on your brand and relevant content.


    Final Thoughts on Web Design Trends 2019

    With these web design trends, you can do wonders with your website. And, if you will add your personal touch, it will be more beneficial for your brand, because the ultimate goal is to perfectly align your design with your brand goals, be easy to use and feel appropriate for your target customer.


    Author Bio:

    Rodney Warner is the founder of Connective Web Design. You can find him on his company website or on Instagram.

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