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    WordPress Tips for Beginners – Where to Start?

    WordPress is the de facto king of content management systems worldwide and it becomes important to learn some great WordPress Tips. If you want to get into the world of website building and management, you need to learn how to use WordPress on a professional level. Sadly and perhaps paradoxically, it is extremely difficult to find information and high-quality guides on the application. This guide aims to ameliorate precisely that – here, you’ll find all the necessary information to help you start with WordPress and have a solid foundation to continue improving!

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    What Are Your Goals?

    How you approach WordPress, how deep you go, and how much time you spend learning all depend on your goals. There are three classes of people who want to learn WordPress, and all three need different approaches:

    Professional User

    professional users are those who want to learn WordPress to create and manage their personal websites. These people couldn’t care less about the inner workings of WordPress or how it manages to make something display on the browser. All they care about is creating a unique website and putting their content out there. Most of the people who use WordPress fall under this type. Here are the things you need to focus on as a professional user:

    • Go through WordPress tutorials: there are multiple tutorials on the WordPress website that guide you through website creation and management. Of course, they are too rudimentary and virtually useless if you want to dig deeper into WordPress, but you don’t need to!
    • Learn about the plugin and theme library: you don’t want to miss out on WordPress’s most powerful feature. You need to learn about WordPress’s extensive plugin and theme library. The plugins will allow you to add almost any functionality to WordPress with the touch of a button. Themes, on the other hand, will allow you to easily and painlessly transform how your website looks. Learn about the most popular themes and plugins when you start with WordPress.
    • Interact with the community and learn how to ask questions whenever you get stuck: WordPress has an active and helpful community – if you get stuck, you can easily find answers to your questions by asking online. WordPress has an active and helpful community that will help you whenever you get stuck!

    If you’re not sure you can do with on your own, you might want to use an HTML to WordPress service to see the best results!


    When you’re a developer, you aren’t only creating websites for yourself, but you’re also creating websites for clients. What you need to learn as a developer will obviously be much more than what you need to learn if you’re only using Wordpress for personal use:

    • HTML, CSS, and PHP: you need to have a decent understanding of all three scripting languages. HTML and CSS are the building blocks of all websites on the Internet, and you need to be really familiar with them if you want to survive. On the other hand, PHP is the building block of WordPress, and you need to learn how to code with it if you want to do anything advanced.
    • Learn WordPress file structures and inner workings: if you want to learn how to create truly unique WordPress websites and debug problems, you need to learn how the WordPress file structure works. You need to learn how the server and the frontend side communicate with each other.

    WordPress Developer

    You need to become even more familiar with WordPress if you want to become a developer for the WordPress ecosystem. For example. If you are thinking about creating unique themes and selling them or you want to create a really useful plugin that will extend the functionality of WordPress, you’ll be classified as a WordPress developer. There are hundreds of thousands of WordPress developers in the world trying to bring the latest features to WordPress users.

    In this case, however, you need to be intimately familiar with every part of WordPress. You need to learn its ins and outs. You need to learn how one function in WordPress interacts with another. Only then, you’ll be able to create truly unique plugins for the system.

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