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    Top Security Plugins For WordPress Websites

    Keeping your WordPress website secure is very necessary. One of the reasons to do that is that WordPress is one of the most used website platforms. Hence, it becomes an easy target for hackers, spammers and other malicious elements to target it.

    One of the misconceptions is that many people who own websites think that hackers only target big websites. So, they undermine the need of having a layer of security for their website or blogs. The reality is that these elements not only attack websites with a motive to steal personal data but to have fun. So this means that if you have a small scale website, you are no less than a significant target for malicious elements hovering the cyberspace. Here are a few plugins that can help you secure your WordPress website.



    SiteLock is one of the most popular security tools that offers you protection from DDoS, malware and other types of threats. It has all the features that you might need to get your website secure. It provides one of the fastest website scannings and helps you find, prevent and fix vulnerabilities. This is done without any intervention by users. It scans WordPress themes, files, and plugins for a potential vulnerability as well. You can also get notified about anything that prevents you from providing adequate performance.


    BulletProof Security

    This is another widely used security plugin that you can use and scan your website for malware. It can also help you backup your databases, set up firewalls and perform a lot of other essential functions for you. BulletProof Security can help you use an automatic setup wizard for easy operating of the plugin. The plugin also enables you to detect and fix security threats in real-time. The plugin has an IP-based Firewall that helps you secure all plugins from getting accessed publicly and exploited. The plugin is ideal for people who are on a budget. However, once you make the purchase, you get free upgrades and support features for a lifetime.



    This is a complete security solution that helps you get protection from malware, brute force attacks, and other threats. Once you get to use Sucuri, all the traffic coming to your website is routed through CloudProxy servers. Also, requests are scanned to filter out malicious requests that come in. Sucuri is also a useful tool that can reduce your server load. This improves the performance of your website because the malicious traffic will not be able to reach your server.


    Wordfence Security

    This is one of the easy to use WordPress Security Tools. The free lite version of the plugin is also available. It comes with some essential functions that include a web application firewall, brute force attack protection, malware protection as well. It locks out attempts after too many logins. Also, it uses 2-factor authentication methods to ensure better means to secure your website. You can also use the country blocking feature to stop attacks and any type of malicious activity that originates from any part of the world.


    The All In One WP Security & Firewall

    This is an All in One Wp Security & Firewall which is free for use. It takes your website’s security to a professional level. Features are categorized as basic, intermediate, and advanced. This makes it easy for anyone who wants to enable a bunch of features without affecting the website itself. You can also get in touch with the security strength meter on the WordPress dashboard. It gets your information on your website security based on security points


    iThemes Security

    iThemes Security was known as Better WP Security. It gets users with more than one way to get security for WordPress website. It protects your website from a number of attacks including the brute force attacks and reduces the number of failed login attempts as well. You can get email notifications and alerts of any updates so that you know that whether your site has been breached. iThemes Security locks out suspicious IP that scan vulnerabilities. It can even set an Away Mode for the site to make your WordPress dashboard impossible to access based on the settings. Also, you can schedule a backup for your database to the preferred off-site storage destination.

    Some other features that you can use include a 2-factor authentication that gets you an additional layer of security for your website. Also, there is a user-level security check that reviews activities of all users. Users can even get notifications on themes that need updating and many other features that you might need.

    Many tools and plugins will get you the maximum WordPress security as required by you. It depends upon your needs and the needs of your business that helps you determine which plugin to go for. Also, your budget also decides what kind of tool or plugin that you should use for your website.

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