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    The Most Useful WordPress Plugins For Writers & Bloggers

    If you are a writer you should really check out these WP plugins to help you with your writing.

    Each has a different use but can help you write and save your writing so you never have to worry about losing a blog post or article again.

    Some of the plugins in this list are for free WP hosted sites but some are for paid-hosted WP sites. If you are serious about writing you really should have a paid hosted WP site. If you can’t afford one just yet then do use the plugins that are for free WP hosted sites on this list.


    WP Plugins you can use for free Hosted WP


    • WPSEO by Yoast – this is a well-liked plugin that provides a wide-ranging list of methods to expand your SEO as well as including detailed analysis, statements, and proposals. There is also a paid version that runs around $69.00 and adds on a redirect executive, many keyword emphases, as well as assistance.


    • WP Editorial Calendar –another popular plugin which allows you to arrange, program, and plot your posts. The drag and release calendar allows you to edit your scheduled posts, see a full 31 days of deliberate posts, and administer jobs by more than one writer.


    • Google Analytics by Yoast –This complete analytic tool allows you to easily incorporate any advertising you wish on the web through the plugin, it allows A/B divided analysis and provides understanding into your demographics and readers. The paid version ads in AdSense tracking, support that is 24/7, and custom sizes which allow for additional thorough analysis. It costs around $89.00 per site.


    • Social Networks Auto Poster – that’s right this plugin allows you to automatically post your latest posts to social media. The paid edition starts at $49.95, which also has Google+ integration, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and scheduled postings.


    • Updraft Plus–offers many customizable features to backing up your site the way you want it, with more than a dozen features such as Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. It also allows you choose which plugins or portions of your website you want to protect. The paid version runs $70.00 per site but allows several storage places, no ads, and support through a forum and email.


    • Akismet –a great spam filter for comments. Spam comments can harm your rankings so this program will stop that. It is continually updated to adjust to modifications in spamming methods and technology. Paid accounts start at $5 a month which consists of email and live-chat support, progressive spam statistics, as well as more inspections for spam.


    • Image Inject –looking for the right image can use up a lot of time most of us do not have but image inject gives you a way to search for images directly from WP on Pixabay (over 150,000 available images) and Flickr (over 200 million available images). Image inject also adds the proper attribute links which also saves you time.


    • Nimble Portfolio –this plugin helps blog owner’s show off their top work in a stunning visual way. It is also joined with YouTube and Vimeo for videos and can aid in providing PDF previews.


    These plugins will get you started, once you use these you will be looking for others. Just be aware some are for free hosted WP and some are for paid hosted WP sites.


    Any writer can use these plugins

    Any writer, not just bloggers can use these plugins including ghostwriters, people who write papers for others, and so on. Even trust my paper who writes student papers and more uses these or other trusted plugins when they have a student ask write my paper.



    Anyone who is a writer needs these plugins to save time, make their SEO better, and have the analytics that is included with them.

    There are even more plugins available just make sure that you get ones that are within your budget. With plugins, you can write even better.



    About the Author: Janet Anthony is a blogger from Kansas City and content writer at WritingDaddy who has been writing professionally for five years now. She mostly writes about blogging, social media, and self-development. Her motto is “What you do today can improve all your tomorrows”. Find Janet here: twitter

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