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    The Best Instagram WordPress Plugins for Interactive Instagram Feeds

    Instagram is a popular photo-sharing platform having more than 800 million users across the globe. This mobile application can be downloaded easily on your smartphone and used conveniently anywhere and everywhere. The best part of Instagram is it is simple for you to use. The platform is ideal for promoting and marketing your WordPress business website. Thanks to the presence of simple to install Instagram WordPress Plugins, you can improve the functionality of your business website and gain a competitive edge in the market over others.


    Reasons for you to post your Instagram photographs on your WordPress website-

    The following are the top reasons why you should post Instagram photographs on your website-

    1. Instagram photographs are vibrant and adding them to your site makes your brand appealing and exciting.
    2. You can moderate your Instagram account from a single platform. Business owners need to take a look at their websites often, and these Instagram WordPress plugins will help you respond to comments faster and set up pictures instantly.
    3. Instagram WordPress plugins give you a good excuse to post user-generated content on your profile. Here, you can ask your users to provide you with pictures of your business or store that across the globe. These photos can, in turn, be used on your website so that existing customers can see them as well.
    4. With Instagram WordPress plugins you effectively increase the levels of customer engagement. People stick around for a long time to see the photographs.
    5. With these plugins, you effectively can increase the follower count on Instagram. If you are a new business, you may increase followers using that helps you to buy followers especially if you have a new business and wish to improve the status of your business. When you have a decent number of followers in your account, you will find new customers also tend to follow you as well.


    If you carefully examine a plugin, you will see there are many options for you to use to improve the functionality of your website. Hundreds of WordPress Instagram plugins are there for your website. However, the following are just some of the best WordPress Instagram plugins you can use when it comes to enhancing the functionality of your site for your business.


    Best WordPress Instagram Plugins to display interactive feeds

    Interactive feeds are a benefit to your business website. They improve its credibility and invoke a high level of trust and confidentiality in the customer. Instagram Feed is one of the best WordPress Instagram plugins to help you get interactive feeds on your website. It is simple to use and ensures you get better functionality with your WordPress website.


    Instagram Feed

    It involves a simple plugin for you to use and configure. It has attractive features to display all your photographs. Some tools help you to attach multiple accounts on Instagram in case you need it for your business. The free version has plenty of features for you to use. However, if you are looking for advanced and more sophisticated features, you can always opt for the Premium version of Instagram Feed at an affordable price depending upon the number of websites you desire to support. The Premium version is ideal for you if you wish to display video support and other image captions.

    If you examine this WordPress Instagram plugin thoroughly, you will find it is a fantastic way to increase social engagement for your business website. Save your time and make your business website look fresh. You do not even need coding. All you have to do is sign in for an Instagram account that is not private. The WordPress Instagram plugin is very responsive on all platforms. That means everyone can see your website images on their mobile devices. Instagram Feed also boosts of shortcodes that help you link your multiple Instagram accounts. You may insert your interactive feed in several places on your website. You might have one on your homepage and post the feed in your blog posts.


    Top Reasons why you should choose Instagram Feed for your business website

    The following are the top reasons why Instagram Feed is considered to be one of the best Instagram WordPress plugins for you to use-

    1. Instagram Feed is free if you opt for its essential features. The premium version is very affordable if you need improved versions of the plugin.
    2. The plugin makes the Instagram gallery professional with its options to customize the style, columns, width, and order of the images you post.
    3. You get a Load More feature to display all your images. The whole feed stays small for most of the time, and it will not slow down the website. People can see everything they need to.
    4. Instagram Feed gives you a host of powerful tools in a single package. You do not have to be an advanced user of WordPress or a professional coder to get everything right. The interface is straightforward for you to use and set up in just a few minutes.
    5. Instagram Feed gives you greater control, and with the custom CSS features, you can resort to advanced levels of customization.
    6. You get a unique Follow button that helps you increase the count of Instagram Followers
    7. You have the option to place a header on the top of the module of this plugin for getting further branding for your business website.


    Instagram Feed, therefore, is one of the topmost WordPress Instagram Plugins you may use for your business website. It gives you incredible features and tools. It helps you increase engagement and follower count for your Instagram account. If you wish to gain the competitive edge in the market install this unique WordPress Instagram plugin and see the positive difference it can bring to your business. You may start off with the essential plugin at first and later move on to the premium plugin to improve functionality.

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