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    5 Important WordPress plugins for The Dynamic websites

    WordPress is the open source platform where a website builds and customize manually. This is a free tool for everyone to use a content management system free of cost. WordPress is making a dynamic and static website and customize of websites.

    There are many kinds of website WordPress can build throughout the manually. A content management system is a tool which considers all the aspect of the website. WordPress is website development Jaipur uses most frequent tools in which any kind of website can be considered like Blog, E-commerce, static and dynamic website forums, portfolio etc.

    There are many WordPress plugins would be beneficial for the developers which is easily used in the website and make customize of it. Here is a list out most famous plugins which is important for the website.


    Various Important WordPress Plugins

    Jetpack Plugin for WordPress 

    Jetpack plugin of WordPress is playing important role in the various field. This plugin fulfills most of the requirement of the website like social sharing, header and footer customization, RSS feed a lot of more option.

    We can use the Jetpack plugin on the website. Jetpack plugin uses to make easy to customize and decorate the website. Jetpack makes your site security, website performance, traffic growth, image optimization, website appearance and a lot more.

    These things make sure more powerful and easily loadable to the website. WordPress is the owned plugins named jetpack. This most frequent and fast.


    Yoast SEO Plugin

    Yoast SEO plugin is very important for a website to do SEO of the web pages of the website. Yoast SEO plugin provides services to connect to the Google criteria. This plugin will help to connect google webmaster and google analytics throughout we use the statistics of the website.

    Yoast SEO plugin uses for the Title and description of each web pages of the website. This is very important to do each page available in search engine result pages. This most important for the website.


    W3 Total Cache

    W3 total cache is a very important plugin for clearing the cache and improve the performance of the website, The term of cache is temporarily stored data into the website. This plugin is improving the website performance due to the plugin. It features page cache, database caching, object caching, browser caching and a lot more for the website. It has options to minify and HTTP compression of the HTML, JS, and CSS files so that you can save bandwidth up to 65% to 70%.



    WP-Optimize is the best tool for fleshing up the database and optimizing the database. It automatically erases the unnecessary data. The plugin always keeps your database optimized for the best performance.

    It removes all the spammy data trash posts, and comments and pingbacks etc. It will keep your database always clean and optimized of a website.


    All in One Schema (Rich snippet)

    It is for the star rating of the product and visualization of the website with images. It is very important to visualize the information of the website with star rating Uses of JsonLD script to use visualize the information over the search engine result pages.




    WordPress is an open source platform to build the website by using the plugins to the content management system. This is the clouding platform to use to build customize the website and we can use the build the website.

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