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    Why You Should Switch to Angular from AngularJS

    Angular came into being as AngularJS, which is a JavaScript-based web app framework that unites HTML with JavaScript. It eventually took form as just Angular in subsequent iterations. That was the history — what exactly is Angular? It is best described as a structural framework for dynamic web apps, especially for single-page web apps. Now, some are bound to feel confused between the two, so here’s some clarification: AngularJS is underpinned by the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. Whereas Angular, which is built entirely using TypeScript, makes use of the Model-View-View Model (MVVM) architecture.

    AngularJS to Angular
    AngularJS to Angular

    Now, what makes Angular the more desirable option? Well, where do we even begin? For starters, everything you need to know about this framework is superbly explained via the tutorials, documentation, and more than it comes with. Believe us when we say that Angular’s many, many features and benefits have allowed it to comfortably demonstrate its mettle in the tight market of single page applications. So, if that’s not enough, here are some more compelling reasons to switch from AngularJS to Angular.

    1. Progressive Web Apps: Currently the development of progressive web apps (PWA) is considered to be a very convoluted process wherein developers need to be extremely careful that delivery of older iterations and caching is undermined during development as well as deployment. To take care of that, Angular gets Angular-CLI that allows the framework to create both configuration and code itself. As a result, PWA development is rendered significantly easier, especially that of mobile-based web apps with native app features.
    2. Performance: Angular can transform templates into optimized code, consequently accelerating code generation. It also enables better deployment speed — Angular provides server-side content-rendering for single-page applications, thus facilitating quicker deployment of web pages with optimized metadata.
    3. State-of-the-art development tools: Among other things, you get access to several UI templates with proper syntax within the framework with Angular. Then there’s also the Command Line Interface (CLI) Tools that allow you to create and deploy apps quickly. Furthermore, Angular’s IDE offers features like instantly prompting about errors, auto-completion, warnings, and more. That help improves the overall coding experience and also further enhance speed.
    4. RxJS: A library for reactive programming, RxJS initiates the flow of data between components and also facilitates the creation of new ones depending on the situation’s requirements. Imagine a flow for choosing an offering. An event with adding a product in the stream is created in case the customer adds a product to the cart. Also, if they remove something from the cart, an event with an empty array is released in the flow. Long story short, this strategy makes it much more practical to process requests from a server.


    Angular has consistently improved over time, giving users an enhanced list of features and, with it, enhanced performance. It has also managed to establish itself as a reliable resource as far as providing depth, scalability, structure, and more on the go. So, then there are also all the benefits we just listed, which should make it amply clear that Angular website development is the right way forward.

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