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    Why Full Stack Development Is Important for Programmers

    Full-Stack Development: Why Every Programmer Should Consider It?

    Due to the growing demand for tech-centric solutions, web developers have been compelled to broaden their understanding of front-end and back-end languages. Many companies are looking for professional developers who can build an app from the ground up. In fact, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that full-stack developer job openings will rise by 8% every year between 2019-2029, much faster than average.

    And while there are services like available to help you create your own app without knowing a single lick of code, if you have aspirations as a programmer, you’ll need to know the ins and outs of full-stack development.

    What Is Full-Stack Development?

    Full-Stack development sees programmers developing every aspect of a web application, including the front-end (the appearance of the website or app), back-end (the infrastructure and coding involved in creating the application). This often includes debugging the web app whenever faults arise. In full-stack development, the programmer considers every single operation from the initial concept to the final product.


    As with other development processes, full-stack development can be split into three layers. They are:

    • Presentation layer: this is the front-end of the process, attributed to the user interface and experience. This layer includes JavaScript, HTML, or CSS, which developers use to build the app and interact with users.
    • Business logic layer: this layer is associated with data validation. Users do not see the components of this later. However, it is responsible for finding the data requested by the user and positioning it for them. This process involves many complex operations such as authorization, authentication, API endpoint design, and more.
    • Database layer: This layer is all about the raw data behind the app. This is where the developer creates, stores, and manages information for the database. This could be on many services such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc. The main function of this layer is to retrieve and store it, so it is accessible whenever the system restarts.


    While this may seem difficult, a full-stack developer can take advantage of numerous frameworks during the front-end and back-end processes. Rather than create a complex code every time you create a website, a framework can solve many challenges involved in the coding process and can be implemented on practically any website or app.

    For example, if you are front-end developed using Javascript, you can use libraries like jQuery to implement functions that other full-stack developers have already created and tested. Additionally, you can find many frameworks for the app’s back-end, such as Rails or CakePHP.

    How Can Full-Stack Development Help Programmers?

    Over time, full-stack development has evolved into the desirable quality it is today. If you are well-versed in the processes of full-stack development, you will have a range of skills and experience to handle any front-end and back-end tasks from the application concept to the final result. In addition, full-stack development is key for building intuitive apps that offer easy-to-navigate tech solutions to consumers.

    Additionally, developers favor full-stack developed apps, as they can develop them with start-of-the-art tech. As such, they are cost-effective. These apps are also useful for small businesses and startups as they will often load quickly and will be compatible across various platforms.

    Here at, we are passionate about app development. As such, we ensure that we are always using up-to-date full-stack development practices. Moreover, as our client, you do not need to know anything about coding. We have a team of highly trained programmers who are experienced in front-end and back-end processes. So rest assured, is fully capable of providing your perfect app built from scratch.

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