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    What is Role of DevOps in Software Development Services

    It is often said that if aerospace engineers designed airplanes as software engineers wrote software, then the news would be full of stories about airplanes falling from the sky. Of course, this is not the case because the engineering process to build plans is well structured and defined. They build plans based on strictly defined specifications and requirements and never deviate. So, is this even a fair analogy?

    Imagine that an aerospace engineer had to make changes to the plane while he was in flight because a passenger did not like the distance from his seat. In this scenario, stories about planes that do strange things, like falling from the sky, would be more common. No, the analogy is not fair at all! The writing software has become much more complicated because the old days of writing codes that are based on strictly defined specifications and requirements and that never deviate are gone. To clarify this point further, consider the following. Amazon launches a new software update every second, Google every 10 seconds and Netflix every 90 seconds. Imagine that the plane you were flying on was updating at that frequency. I doubt you feel comfortable flying at all. What happens if an engine update was defective? These are the challenges that devops software engineers face on a daily basis. That’s why the DevOps model exists today.

    devops, What is Role of DevOps in Software Development Services


    The consensus regarding the definition of DevOps is that it is a process that unifies the functions of software development and IT operations. These are not separate but interdependent entities that come together to put the software into production. Once you pass that definition, the debate continues on what exactly DevOps is because it can encompass many things.

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    What is DevOps and Why is it important?

    In PixelCrayons, we define DevOps as indicated above, but with the addition of all the tools, processes and people that come together to produce software that has the shortest time to market fewer errors and fewer costs. This trifecta is an engineer’s dream: faster, better and cheaper. To realize this dream, you can not ignore that there are always concessions between faster, better and cheaper. Would you like to fly on a plane that left the assembly line quickly and cheaply knowing that the quality was compromised? On the other hand, if you were in the airline business, how could you compete if you had the safest plane in the world, but it costs 50% more to operate and twice as much time to produce? This is the balancing act that the DevOps framework tries to solve in software production.


    If your company values increased productivity, profitability and market share, then DevOps is essential. Even if your goals are not financial, DevOps will improve your ability to achieve those goals. The State of DevOps report strongly supports these claims. More importantly, if your competition has already implemented DevOps and you have not already done so, you are already behind. This is how Walmart feels now that Amazon has built the most efficient shopping platform in the world.

    When your organization moves towards the development of a DevOps culture, it is a signal to all those involved in the production and launch of software that has an equal interest in the success of the company. It is an all-for-one mentality, one for all, that will break the communication barriers between the teams and make everyone responsible. Once the DevOps roles and responsibilities are implemented, positive changes will occur and everyone will win.

    The biggest winner is the end user of the software that it produces. They get software that does not fail because it was tested correctly in quality control. They do not have to wait for the functions they need because their ongoing integration / continuous implementation process (CI / CD) ensures that they get what they want as soon as possible. The most important thing is that now that you have selected the right tools and have automated much of the process of creating and launching the software, you can produce and operate your software for less. Those savings can be passed on to your customer and give him an advantage over his competition. In summary, when your client wins, you win.



    Final Note

    DevOps brings together processes, people & technology, automating software product delivery in order to offer continuous value to your users. With our DevOps services & solutions, we deliver software faster and more reliably— no matter how big your IT department or what technologies & tools you are using. I hope you like this blog. If you have any query DevOps development & solutions please contact PixelCrayons.

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