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    Ways to Improve Abandoned Cart Emails to Increase Conversion and Profitability

    According to SaleCycle, 75.6 percent of online shopping carts are abandoned before the shoppers complete a sale. That is a lot of potential revenue loss. Now, it may not be possible to persuade all the people that abandon their cart to go through checkout, because some customers may have never had the intent to buy anything in the first place. But it is worth taking the time and effort to convert as many customers as you can.

    Every business owner and marketer’s objective is to turn the marketing costs they spent bringing their target audience to their website into profit by converting them. When used effectively, abandoned cart emails provide a considerable opportunity to increase your conversion and profitability. Abandoned cart emails can remind your customers of their abandoned carts and encourage them to complete the purchase. In this article, you will learn the ways you can improve your abandoned cart emails to win back your customers.


    1. Send a targeted email

    When you send a personalized email to your subscribers, they are more likely to take the desired action. However, before you can recover these lost carts, you need to address the reason why your customers abandon their carts. How do you do these? Segmentation is the key to separating your cart abandoners so that you can follow up with personalized messages. The reason why the people that shop from your store for the first time abandon their cart can be different from why a loyal customer might not complete his/her purchase.

    Also, the reason can vary from industry to industry and website to website. You can, for instance, segment your customers that abandoned their cart into categories like existing customers who abandon their cart, first-time abandoners, and repeat abandoners, and with that, you can use postcards newsletter template builder to create more relevant messages that you will send to the different categories.


    2. Create a unique subject line

    35 percent of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone. So, just like your email, your subject line must also be unique. When your subscriber read your subject lines, you should remind them of what they left behind. A well-crafted subject line can go a long way towards getting the attention of the cart abandoner.

    So, try to be creative when creating your subject lines for the cart recovery emails. You can include scarcity, urgency, or emotions, depending on what is triggering the email. Compose your subject lines to convey CTA in a way that piques the interest of your subscriber. Plus, you can be direct with your subject line and still be creative.


    3. Timing is important

    A study found that sending your first cart abandonment email within one hour of the customer abandoning their cart gives you the best response. Cart recovery emails sent within the first one hour had a conversion rate of 6.3 percent, while those sent after one hour has a conversation rate of 4.3 percent. And the emails sent after the first 24 hours only has 1.7 percent conversion rate.

    The objective is to keep the customer interested in your product. Sending your cart recovery email within one hour will increase your chances of converting your target while they are still online. If you leave it too long, the shopper could lose interest in making a purchase.


    4. Send a series of cart recovery emails

    Though you can boost your conversions by sending a single recovery email, sending one or two follow up emails can get the most out of your campaigns. At pre-determined time intervals, you can send a series of three emails. The first email could be as simple as reminding your customers that they have left something in their cart.

    If that doesn’t persuade them to act, then you can second the second email that could induce urgency. And for the remaining customers who still don’t convert, you can trigger the third and final email to persuade them by enticing them with an incentive to complete their purchase. Moreover, follow-up emails can be initiated by the inventory levels of the items in the cart. For instance, if the number of the item in the inventory reduces to a particular number, you could use that to trigger an email.


    5. Display the abandoned item in your email

    Besides your cart recovery email containing a unique subject line, you should also include the image of the abandoned product in your email. The images are important because they immediately catch the attention of your customers, and without it, your email could go unnoticed.

    Reminding the shoppers of the amazing product they are missing out on can help motivate them to make a purchase. It is possible that after spending some time away from your website, the customer has forgotten all about the product they add to their cart.


    6. Use conspicuous CTA buttons

    The primary purpose of an email is to direct your subscriber back to your cart. So, when creating your call to action button, make it irresistible. A bright and bold CTA button is important to any cart abandonment email. The CTA button should be easy to see, attractive, and for maximum impact, it should be positioned near the center of the screen.

    Plus, you can use phrases such as “Buy now” or “Continue shopping” to encourage them to click on the button. You can also add more than one CTA button so that you can motivate them to add more items to their cart before checking out.


    7. Make it responsive and mobile-friendly

    You can create an incredible email that includes compelling copy, vibrant product image, and a good offer. But if it is not responsive on mobile devices, it is not going to increase your conversions. With about 70 percent of people browsing the internet on their mobile devices, your email will be well received if it is mobile responsive.

    In addition, make it easy to read and purchase from your cart recovery email on your mobile device. Use large buttons, bold visuals, and clear text that make it easy and fast to complete a purchase.

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