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    Top Advantages of Migrating Magento to Cloud Hosting

    Given the utter ease of using Magento to build seamless and high-quality e-commerce stores, it comes as a surprise to no one in the industry that more and more people are turning to this software for their businesses. Unfortunately, there is one roadblock pretty much everyone faces when it comes to using Magento — choosing a hosting platform for the e-commerce website. It is admittedly a tough decision, especially in the front of the sea of options that one must choose from. However, if you have done even a little bit of research in this regard, you’d know that cloud hosting has firmly established itself as the choice for a hosting platform.

    Migrating Magento to Cloud

    The reason behind the wild popularity cloud hosting enjoys in the market are the many benefits it delivers — so much so that businesses from other industries are also rushing to embrace it. However, we digress — the point is that Magento stores stand to benefit immensely from migrating to cloud hosting. For your benefit, here are some of the leading advantages of making the switch as mentioned above.

    1. Simple upgrade process: Anyone who only vaguely knows that there will come the point in the operations of an e-commerce store where it will demand increased resources, such as RAM, disk space, bandwidth, and more, to continue being efficient as well as productive. Thankfully, all of that is quickly addressed with cloud hosting; it is quite simple to start using it and promptly provides access to more resources. Furthermore, the costs are controlled since one is required to pay only based on usage.

    2. SSD cloud hosting: Cloud hosting services use either HDD or SSD (Solid State Disks). If you choose one that uses SSD, you get significantly quicker speeds. How, well, because the servers based on SSDs serve either as determined storage or as a cache, thus enabling the SSD server to have a lightning fast scratch disk for regularly accessed data.

    3. Security: Any entity that exists in the digital realm must offer high levels of security and the same holds for Magento stores as well. To that end, what cloud hosting does is encrypt not only the data that transmitted over networks but also data that is stored in databases. Data encryption makes it extremely challenging for nefarious elements to gain access to the data. In addition to that, cloud hosting also enables store owners to leverage various relevant settings to enhance their website’s security even further.

    4. Data based insights: These days pretty much every cloud hosting service is offered in conjunction with analytics to enable users to glean crucial insights from their data. Such ideas can then be used to enhance the store’s efficiency and achieve better business results.

    Suffice it to say that the benefits we have listed above are only a handful the plethora of advantages of upgrading your Magento store to cloud hosting. So, don’t wait any longer and get in touch with a Magento e-commerce website development service provider today to get started on the path towards a more efficacious e-commerce business.

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