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    Trend Changing Aspects in SEO to Follow in 2019

    Do you know there are around 200 factors in Google’s algorithm! This makes SEO a very complex science. But, what makes it more challenging is not the fact that how much you need to know about it. Rather, it is the continuously changing nature of SEO and its rules. Search engines constantly try to improve the search results in quality. Ranking factors often shift shapes and rules, the old ones fall into oblivion, and the new ones manifest themselves out of nowhere.

    If you are new to SEO, and you are entertaining the idea of having your own little setup, getting a subscription to one of the ISPs such as the Optimum Internet and going through some of the basic details won’t suffice. Because in online marketing, certain strategies are as quickly evolving and competitive as SEO itself. Most of the SEO specialists chomp at the bit to learn or predict the latest trends, which will reshape the digital future of any business. And that’s because the history of SEO is marked by algorithm updates, new techniques, and new technologies to win the top spots in SERPs.

    To help you stay on top of the SEO game in 2018, we are going to list some prominent, trend changing aspects that are clearly gaining momentum. Read on to figure out.


    Individual Customization Can Change the Ways Rankings are Calculated

    Google has pushed the development of search results, which are more personalized. They have a constant focus on individual search histories, online information, browser cookies, and various other things to come up with much more customized search results for every individual. With the invention of smart speakers, the convenience to search has incredibly increased and we have embraced the technological sophistication. The personalization feature is definitely a new trend and it will further increase in the future. This will make it difficult to predict the ranking factors on the search engine.


    The Graph Knowledge is bound to Dominate

    For quite a few years now, the specificity and frequency of featured snippets are steadily increased by Google. The questions posed by various users in the search queries are offered concise answers. But, in the last few months, the frequency of the featured snippets has declined significantly. Apparently, they are replaced by similar answers, which are found in the Knowledge Graph boxes. This very event foretells the eventual rise and dominance of Google’s Knowledge Graph. It will replace a huge chunk of space that is currently occupied by those featured snippets. This will provide users with more consistent and better answers.


    Image and Video Search Will Clearly Improve

    Slowly and gradually, our online interactions are evolving and becoming more visual. Now that we get to experience fast internet speeds, we get to see more visual-friendly content on social media forums. Generally, people prefer engaging with more videos and images. This has led to a great surge in online visual interactions. We are bound to see some new changes as to how Google and various other search engines’ treatment of videos and images in online environments. The new Google-acquired setups such as Eyefluence and Moodstocks have begun to recognize the visual elements within the videos and images more accurately. Or, you can say that they have improved user interactions with visual content. This will certainly improve the search sophistication for the visual assets.


    Voice Search Will Acutely Increase (Because of the High Sales of Smart Speakers)

    Have you managed to get your hands on a smart speaker yet? If not, you may know someone who does. The sales for smart speakers such as Google Home and Amazon Echo have increasingly surged in 2017. Sales will further increase this year because newer models are rolling out. Since these are voice-activated speakers, they provide search results through voice too. Modern users are becoming more used to interact with the search results with listening and speaking. This could immensely change the kinds of queries that we see and of course, reshape the approach of businesses about SERPs.


    SEO Will Expand (Beyond Bing and Google)

    In the last few years, companies have shown a clear tendency of competing for ranking outside Google. There is no doubt that the search engine sphere is still dominated by Google. Known as the ‘messiah’ of this digital age, it remains to be the most popular search forum by far. But, third-parties such as Amazon and Yelp, and virtual assistants such as Siri have emerged as relevant search engines too.

    So, if you are entertaining the idea of venturing into SEO, you will need a lot more than just a handy subscription to an internet offer such as Comcast Double Play Deals. Everyone wants to be found and discovered by a massive percentage of users. Introduce yourself to all the new concepts and to the widest possible audience. In 2018, you really need to think beyond Google’s arena of influence!

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