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    Top Keyword Research Tools for Organic Search Optimization

    There are lot many best tools available online for keyword search. If you have recently started your online business, then try finding the best tool that can help in building an optimized keyword for your organic search.


    • Google Keyword Planner:

      Many experts recommend it for the keyword research. It is mainly used for advertisement and can also be used for searching keywords for organic research. The tool performs some customization on the result for one of the competitive pages. When you try entering a keyword for your product, you can customize your research by defining a set of words for your You can find ideas for searching keyword and group of keywords. You can look at the list of volumes of searches and identify the keywords list. You can even try grouping them for a group of ads. It’s very important to have an accurate knowledge of the traffic for extracting the keywords. Keywords are very helpful in SEO. It is crucial to keep a check on metrics like an average of searches in a month etc. which can be helpful in determining the right set of keywords that can target the search. When you decide on Search Engine Optimization, this tool can help in determining the set of keywords that are good in targeting the organic search and the advertisement. With keyword planner as a base and help from other tools, you can build a long set of keywords. You can get more information on


    • KWFinder:

      This tool has a good interface, and this tool is based on a long set of keyword tool for research. It also helps in displaying the latest trends, the volume of search, the difficulty level achieved during results. You can check the difficulty level of a keyword individually by clicking on it, and all the levels of difficulty based on google results will be showed. You will see the names of domain those are targeting the keyword, backlinks of the page, traffic information and social sharing data. It is very important when Search Engine Optimization integrates with content marketing. The tool also helps in digging the keyword research based on local information like the name of the city, state, etc. This information can be helpful in targeting the result based on a search through local data.


    • Moz’s Keyword Explorer:

      They enhance the keyword research dimension. Along with the difficulty level and volume, you could have additional offers like you can get a chance of getting CTR relatively of the search organically on the results on SERP. You will let know about the criticality of the keywords. You will try to build a potential metric that could help in prioritizing the keyword. If you have taken help from other tools in drawing out the keywords, you can upload them in Keyword explorer for more insights and also help in prioritizing them.



    It is very important to have the right set of keywords in order to optimize the search result.

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