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    Top 10 Effective Ways to Implement AI in eCommerce SEO

    The development of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and understanding of natural language have made search engines smarter and intelligent. Whenever you type a search query into the search box, results are displayed deepening on your location, search history, favourite sites you visited earlier, etc.

    The development of artificial intelligence means that the ranking factors may vary from request to request because the algorithm takes note of different factors while ranking websites in search results. You can use artificial intelligence in E-commerce SEO & fetch tangible results. Let’s see how.


    • Use Visual Content in E-commerce SEO

    In order to help online shoppers get more info about products and services, Google displays YouTube videos in its search results. Web writers, copywriters, and bloggers need to learn to use AI to create visual content and properly compose titles and enter keywords into the text. They can use Google Voice command tool for content creation. Create interactive video content with AI and use that in E-commerce SEO to generate more business opportunities.


    • To Ensure the Purity of Content

    Google’s RankBrain algorithm tries to understand the context not just with keywords but they also analyse the user’s reaction to it. All SEO professionals have to work harder on content quality to it satisfies the demand of users. Always keep in mind that Keyword density is being replaced by relevance, context, and value of the content with each passing day. So, content writers need to create valuable content and answer people’s questions in the easiest and simplest language. You can use AI tools to evaluate the content quality and make the necessary changes to it comfortably.


    • E-commerce SEO Automation

    Several business brands are now actively using AI to customize email messages based on preferences and recipient behaviour. Useful tools are powered by AI, allowing to tailor the content of newsletters based on the previous experience of client interaction with content. You can also use Optimove artificial intelligence to segment the list of recipients and increase sales, monthly income, average purchase size, and active customer base up to a great extent.


    • AI Use in Social Media Optimisation

    It is no secret that advertisers use social networks as a platform for the promotion of their business brands. However, users don’t like too many marketing messages. So, social media giants, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have allowed SEO professionals to hide uninteresting advertising content while forming a news feed that meets the interests of users.

    This approach allows advertisers to save and not show ads to those people for whom it is not relevant. You must know that Facebook uses AI to prevent sites from publishing content that offers poor user experience. Artificial intelligence automatically identifies low-quality sites by various indicators: non-original content, misleading headlines, and distracting ads. So, links to such websites are not displayed in the user’s news feeds.


    • AI Use in Premium SEO Campaigns

    If you are promoting your site on Google AdWords, then you should use AI to bid automatically. The use of AI allows Advertisers to automatically make the lowest possible bids per click to drive more traffic from the Google search results page and convert them into leads.

    Albert artificial intelligence can completely take care of the management of advertising campaigns: from rates and integration to the distribution of messages across different platforms in an easy way.

    Digital marketing professionals just need to enter data on the desired results of the campaign, the target audience, and geographic coverage. Albert will take care of everything else. It works faster than an SEO specialist and can determine various niches and patterns of purchase in a few moments.


    • Chatbots Answer user’s Questions in Real-Time

    Just ask any question to the chatbot (commonly known as a virtual assistant), it will answer your questions instantly. It saves your precious times, keeps you away from receiving annoying emails and endlessly making visits on online stores to get the answer to your questions. Artificial assistants can work 24*7 and answer users in different languages. It automatically increases the level of communication between you and customers & results in more business opportunities.


    • Making Personalised Recommendations

    Making personalised recommendations is important in e-commerce marketing if you really want to impress customers and encourage them to make transactions. For this, you can use specific business management software or CRM applications. They automatically record data about visitor’s activities on your website on cloud servers. When customers land on the site next time, AI-powered CRM software or business manage tools automatically display personalised results to customers and enable them to make more informed decisions.  


    • E-commerce Website Optimisation for Voice Commands

    Modern Internet users give voice commands to search engines to find the desired stuff. The trend of typing keywords in the search bar is vanishing with each passing day. It is estimated that more and more people will resort to voice search in the coming years. Therefore, you must optimise the E-commerce website for voice search to gain more business opportunities sooner than your competitors.


    • Combating Fake Reviews

    You will be surprised to know that in 2015, Amazon management sued the companies that paid for posting positive reviews on the retailer’s website. To combat the spread of fake reviews, Amazon launched a special machine learning algorithm. You can also use AI to combat fake reviews about products on your forum and let users have genuine info about different products.


    • Smart Supply Chain Analysis

    The E-commerce platform Alibaba uses Smart Supply Chain (powered by AI) to help online and offline retailers anticipate changing customer inquiries, select suitable pricing policies, offer users the right products and how to deliver them. It will help you to know the search terms used by visitors to find products on your website and manage changes in E-commerce SEO campaigns accordingly.


    Final Remarks

    Now, there is a great scope of Artificial intelligence in E-commerce SEO. Use it to collect valuable data about customers, their behaviour on your website, preferences, likes/dislikes, etc. AI Also facilitates E-commerce SEO automation and a sharp increase in results. Good Luck!

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