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    The Importance and Advantages of Voice Search in SEO

    Voice search plays a very crucial role today and it is the fastest growing form of search today. More and more gadgets are reliant on voice and so the website owners are considering the importance of this type of search at the time of creating the content for SEO. 56% teenagers and 40% of adults were already using the voice search by March 2016.

    The trendsetters in voice search such as the Google Now, Cortana from Microsoft, Siri from Apple, Alexa by Amazon played a very crucial role in making the voice search so popular. The millions of dollars invested by the tech giants in the digital assistants is the indicator of its potential. The user experiences are getting better as the error rate in the voice searches is reduced.

    If you are implementing a new SEO digital marketing strategy then it is time that you incorporate the voice search for increasing the user base and for getting higher page rank.

    The site owners can easily provide the answers to the users through the voice search and it increases the traffic on the landing pages. The searchers are always hungry for faster results and this technology is helping them get that. It is a very good alternative to the web search.

    The voice search SEO should be proper as it is the key to get more traffic to your site. It not only helps to get the higher traffic but it also improves the user experience.

    The voice search helps to get the answers faster and it also helps to reduce the negative signals like the higher bounce rates. There is no hassle of typing and getting the spellings wrong in the voice search. To get the best benefits of voice search, simply adopt the technology early as the competition is already capitalizing on it.


    Use Long tail keywords

     voice search SEO The long tail keywords are more important than the short tail keywords in the voice search SEO. People ask more direct queries in the conversational search.


    Focus the content on FAQs

     voice search SEOThe content should answer the questions like ‘why’, ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘how’. These will be the questions asked by the users using the voice search.

    So, this was a brief of the voice search SEO. Now, we hope that you have understood its importance well and will focus on it in your next SEO strategy.

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