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    The Five Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

    Matt Cutts, Google’s well-known software engineer, and web spam fighter is responsible for the most popular search engine results.

    Recently, he spoke about The five most common SEO mistakes that negatively affect the ranking of many Web pages or even how to prevent it. You will not only find what mistakes are, but how you can remove it, and tips on SEO tools that make it easier to work as well as links to resources. You will want to know certainly how you take optimization measures effectively and fully their potential exploit. So I’m going here on many secondary details and SEO tools provide that service valuable to you at work.

    seo mistakes, The Five Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid


    1. Their Website Is Not Reading & Index (Crawl & Index)

    Google’s “Web crawler” (bots or GoogleBot also) are computer programs that reach links from one page to the next. It can check the content on more than 200 factors and accordingly for the ranking in the search index save – or it may not often be so.

    But how can you check whether all the content of your site will be found and whether they were recorded in the index by Google?’


    1. False Keywords

    You can use keywords on your site that actually searches for your target group? Just enter the fast search terms on Google on that, and if many pages are displayed, the keyword is super! That is of course nonsense and usually a fatal mistake. If you make a mistake when the keyword analyses, any other SEO effort is for nothing!


    1. Link Building Is Not Everything!

    “You focus on content & marketing and not on link building!” here is the statement that supports the ideology of the best SEO company – Jacksonville. The establishment of links was always seen as the be-all and end-all in online marketing because each link represents a recommendation.


    In recent years, playing fast and loose with artificial links was however strongly driven, that Google unmasked now dubious links easily and sharply devalue pages or banished from the index. The statement by Matt Cutts is therefore clear: to waste his time on links on the Internet; you use on genuine and high-quality links, you get automatically with indirect marketing campaigns.


    1. Title And Description Tags!

    These two essential elements are displayed in the search results and decide whether the user clicks on the link or not. Many websites have bad (home, untitled, warmly welcome…) or cooking no title and page description tag, which of course is one of the largest SEO mistakes of all.


    1. Google Webmasters Resources – The Best Links!

    Last but not least. It is an error to use the portal and many free products rather than Google’s webmaster. The Google meant above includes all webmasters tools that are already mentioned and which provides an important analytical data on Web sites. Then include Webmaster resources but still lots of information and assistance on the topic of search engine optimization in the form of videos, blogs, discussions, and conferences. So everything which helps websites to do even better.

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