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    Secret SEO Tips for Ranking Top in Google

    Getting your website on rank 1 is not easy. But who said it’s impossible?

    More than that, it’s easier than possible. Whether it’s a new business or a new website, featuring in the “TOP MOST” list is always a dream. So here are some few helpful tips with which you can achieve rank #1 in google:



    Keywords are like memes, the more relatable they are, the more popular they get.

    They are nothing but some words that precisely, accurately and descriptively tell the audience about what is in the website, or what they are going to read ahead.

    If the keywords that one puts in the search bar matches with your website, tadaa!

    You’ll be given first preference by google.

    As easy as it sounds, keywords need to be short, descriptive (usage of adjectives) and simple in language. It’s something me and you would type in google to get something.

    For example,

    If I am a property dealer and I want to sell a house, this is how I will use the keywords:

    3 BHK, fully furnished, under 90 lacs.

    Now if someone is looking for a 3BHK house, he’ll be attracted to my website because,

    One, it satisfies his need for a 3BHK house.

    Two, even if he wasn’t planning for a fully furnished house, he will give it a look.


    Because Three, he gets a good bargain.

    And once people start clicking on your website, it will get popular and will automatically be visible to other users as well.


    Meta lines:

    Meta lines are nothing but a short description of your title. Many times, we don’t focus on the use of Meta lines while putting something on the web, but they are actually very important.

    People who read the Meta lines, get a little information about the content which often acts as a hint to them. This hint triggers the human brain which results in curiosity and ends in more views. Such minute details surely contribute to getting higher ranks in SERPs.

    The ones encircled in red are known as meta tags.


    Data and Content

    Data can be quantitative or qualitative. But to be #1, data of your website should be both, quantified and qualified. Creative and user-friendly content should be included while pitching for anything.

    One should also try to provide the audience with abundant content which will help them to know more than what they originally searched for, hence adding to their knowledge.

    At the same time, one should also take care that the content provided is useful and not junk which will end up ruining the reputation of the website.

    Also, a very important aspect should be the authenticity of the data. Facts and figures should be true and should be mentioned with a reference, and organic content should be organic and not copied.

    Updating your data can also be really helpful from time to time when trends and figures keep changing. After all, no one would like to read facts that are not true anymore.


    Backlinks and Guest Posts

    Backlinks are hyperlinks from one web page to another website – google.

    Another noticeable feature of #1 ranked pages is the number of backlinks they use. Backlinks can be provided of previous posts or other web pages that can be useful to the reader. Backlinks attract a lot of traffic, especially if it belongs to a successful page.

    You can also use backlinks of your guest posts if any.


    URL Structure

    The proper structuring of a URL is as important as writing the content. The most important advice while structuring a URL is to know your line and create a uniform structure. Be sure of the categories that you want to present and then decide the URL. Overcrowding the URL can be confusing and inconsistent.

    For example:

    is more precise and attractive than:

    You also need to make sure that your URL is short, sweet, includes main keywords and properly separated. Overly long and numeral URL’s look sketchy and spam.

    Other :

    Some other points that can be kept in mind are factors like speed and security. Make sure the web page is secured and the speed to load a webpage is fast so that people do not lose interest.

    Another thing that can be kept in mind is the use of proper font, format, which makes it easier to view on mobile screen as well as a laptop.


    Pay Per Click

    If you want to go to higher ranks in google very quickly than you could simply pay google to do it. When you pay google, it features your webpage on the top. It also depends on how much you ‘bid’. This way google gets some money every time your ad is clicked.

    You can do this for a limited period of time because it can get very expensive for the long run!

    Success is never hard, it just needs some time and commitment. You can easily get your webpage to #1 if you’re patient enough to make these small changes in your web page. I hope this article was as helpful to you as it was for me.

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