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    Is SEO Strategy Affected by Your Business Size?

    When you begin reading about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and the countless opinions there are about it, you may start to feel a little indecisive. It is difficult to determine how much your business should invest in SEO marketing through marketing companies like Montreal SEO | 10X Media. You would like to enjoy a full-blown SEO marketing campaign that allows you to compete with the bigger companies, but you are worried that you are unable to have the funds for it or are unable to dedicate the required resources to it.

    Unfortunately, search engine optimization does not have a one-size-fits-all strategy. Each company, whether small or large, must first set some specific business objectives and goals. Then, it is possible to set a strategy that fits your company’s size and goals for growth. Companies of all sizes can apply at least one element of internet marketing that can improve their SEO efforts and can see more traffic and better rankings.

    seo strategy, Is SEO Strategy Affected by Your Business Size?


    Small Businesses

    Small businesses have the lowest budgets to work with, and as such, feel as though they do not have much chance to make a difference in the search engine rankings.

    Small businesses –particularly startups –have a fixed budget, which results in them often undertaking their own online marketing, which includes SEO, using valuable time.

    Rather than spreading the companies budget and online marketing strategy too thin, these types of businesses will do much better focusing on one or two areas of marketing instead.

    So, there are two types of small businesses: those without a physical store and brick and mortar businesses with an address and building.

    The business with a physical address would do best investing in local SEO, online public relations (PR) and branding, experimenting with Google AdWords, and optimizing for mobile.

    The goals of brick and mortar businesses are to get the consumers in the store, which is why they must focus on third-party review sites such as Yelp and getting listed on Google Local.

    Small businesses that do not have a physical address or building in which they do business can benefit by executing AdWords campaigns, undertaking social media marketing, starting a content strategy, and exchanging links with other sites.


    Mid-Sized Businesses

    The budget is still an issue with mid-sized companies. However, these businesses likely have bigger websites where technical SEO becomes more critical.

    A great starting point from this size business can launch their SEO strategy would be a comprehensive SEO audit of companies websites.

    Social media marketing and online public relation are still beneficial for mid-sized businesses. These businesses can also start their long-term content strategy, as well.

    In mid-sized businesses, there should be at least one steadfast internet marketer that can manage social media messaging, editorial calendars, as well as oversee the execution of the businesses SEO -strategy. This individual could be an in-house employee or outsourced professional such as 10X Montreal SEO.


    Large Businesses

    Large businesses have resources to afford an entire SEO campaign, and as small businesses, there are two types of companies: B2C and B2B.

    For B2B (Business to Business) organizations, the greatest areas to focus on are technical SEO and content marketing. A vital part of content marketing is driving content out on social media.

    Large organizations that conduct business with consumers tend to have bigger budgets. Therefore, they have the biggest opportunity to experiment in every aspect of internet marketing and not just one aspect of it.

    Large businesses working to get consumers must be diligent in managing and protecting the companies brand online. Prompt social media responses and PR as well as monitoring all content (social posts, page content, and blog) are crucial in maintaining a business’s reputation.

    Large businesses frequently outsource work to internet marketing agencies like Montreal SEO | 10X Media.

    seo strategy, Is SEO Strategy Affected by Your Business Size?


    Finding the Ideal Marketing Strategy

    It does not matter how small or large your business marketing budget is. There are relatively inexpensive internet marketing strategies that can optimize your online presence and website.

    Consumers of all size businesses are online. If you allow your limited budget to stop you from being easily found online, you will lose out on customers and business. Perhaps you believe that you are unable to afford SEO; however, the truth is that you cannot afford not to do SEO.

    Whether your business is small, mid, or large, there is an SEO strategy for you. ContactMontreal SEO | 10X Media for more details.

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