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    Impact of Single Vs Multi Page WordPress Websites on SEO Rankings

    Anyone who follows the recent web design trends knows that single page WordPress themes have been growing in popularity. Earlier, multi-page themes were a predominant option for those who wanted their site to be built on WordPress. Nowadays the game has changed.


    The Connection between your Website Design and Business

    First and foremost, the main factors that affect your decision to choose a particular website design are the nature of your business and its goals in terms of online marketing.

    For example, if your goal is to have a website that acts like an online brochure, it’s obvious that you should select a single-page layout. A physical brochure has all information for prospective customers on it, so does a single-page website.

    Take a look at the following one-page WordPress theme called Minivet (the demo can be checked out here). Scroll down and you’ll see that it is an intuitive, flexible, and compact theme that works very well because it quickly communicates relevant information for the viewers.

    Let’s now move on two multi-page design. It is perfect in case you want your website to serve as a tool for further-reaching online marketing simply because it allows to include more information. For example, if you need to have a blog, super detailed descriptions of your products and services, history of the brand and other pages, like provided on the paper writing service site, a single-page design will not be suitable.


    What about SEO?

    Now that we’ve determined the needs of your business, let’s learn how to design a perfect website for search engine rankings. Of course, your choice of design profoundly affects the way Google treats it, so you need to take this matter seriously. Here are some essentials you need:

    • Multi-page design allows easier targeting of keywords on a per-page basis. Thus, this option can increase the ranking for particular long-tail keywords. For example, your site could have one page that targets “how to write a viral post” and another page that targets “how to write SEO articles.” Even though these keywords have the same beginning, they are actually very distinct because they describe different approaches.
    • Single-page design, on the other hand, does not provide the same kind of advantage. Targeting the same long-tail keywords will not be as effective because Google will not assign many keywords to just one page. As the result, the site’s rankings will be lower.

    So, the takeaway here is that multi-page WordPress website has an excellent SEO potential because it has the ability to target various keywords for each page. As the result, the website is much more flexible if compared to single-page design.


    Here are some more SEO considerations:


    Ability to match search intentyesNot always
    Ability to provide fast load timeyesNot always
    Visitor engagement trackingyesyes



    However, given that Google always tries to improve algorithms that provide the most relevant pages to viewers, it’s safe to say that you should not focus too heavily on SEO. According to some of Google employees, websites need to consider the needs of the users first.

    So, with that in mind, let’s go over the right design choice once again.

    The multiple-page design is better in case:

    • You publish new content on a regular basis
    • Invest in online marketing of your business
    • Prioritize Google rankings
    • Provide a lot of content from the beginning


    Single-page design, on the other hand, is more suitable if:

    • You don’t need a complex website solution
    • Don’t prioritize online marketing
    • You don’t have lots of content for the site

    These factors show that single-page WordPress websites are better for portfolios, landing pages, and events. For example, portfolios don’t require viral content and all critical information can be presented using just one page. However, they still provide enough room for creativity.

    On the other hand, multi-page WordPress solutions are highly recommended for authority, e-commerce, and service websites. For example, if you want to build an authority website that will become a trusted online resource for a specific topic, it needs to contain a lot of data and information. A one-page website is clearly unsuitable for that.

    Also, one would not be able to build an e-commerce shop using a single-page because it needs to have multiple pages, including catalog, terms of use, delivery, etc.


    Key Takeaways

    • The nature of your business, as well as online marketing goals, play an important role in deciding the design
    • Multiple-page WordPress website allows targeting particular keywords in every page variable
    • Single-page solutions often cannot target search intent because all information is located on one page
    • Google recommends not to focus on SEO needs too heavily but prioritize providing visitors with the most relevant content.

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