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    How to do SEO For Website/Blog on a Limited Budget

    In this era of enormous competition, every business owner should take SEO marketing carefully to spread awareness about his business in the public mind. Even if you are a small scale businessman, you need to get your SEO strategies straight to ensure that your website’s ranking is enhanced in the search engine results. Many small scale business people often ignore this aspect of marketing by giving the excuse that it is out of their budget. However, it should be kept in mind that SEO marketing is quite pocket-friendly, and you can afford it even when you are in a tight budget.

    Below are mentioned a few points, following which you will be able to make the most out of SEO strategies even when you are on a tight budget. 

    Edit the Google my Business page:

    If you are a small scale businessman, then you should try and get exposure in your local area rather than targeting an audience base throughout the country. To enhance the local SEO of your business is to optimize the page called Google my Business. It was previously known as Google Places, and sometimes it was called Google Map listing as well, 

    Your first step should be to make sure that you are the owner of your Google my Business page and can make editing on the page. You should then notice if there is any information missing on your page about your business. You should provide correct information regarding the nature of your business and your services. You should also add a few keywords related to your business to enhance your business reach. 

    Use long-tail keywords:

    If you are familiar with the SEO strategies, then you must know that there are two types of keywords you can use. One id the long-tail keywords, and another is general competitive keywords. When you are operating with a tight budget, it would be best for you to focus on long-tail keywords. 

    Long-tail keywords refer to phrases that are quite specific to the needs of your target audience base. A long-tail keyword pinpoints on your service and thus helps to attract more customers. For example, if you are the owner of a restaurant that specializes in Italian cuisine, then the long-tail keyword for that business would be ‘specialized Italian restaurant owner.’ The general keyword, on the other hand, for this business, would be ‘restaurant owner.’

    Now, you can see the difference between the two types of keywords. Long-tail keyword specifically states your business, whereas the general keyword gives a vogue idea about it. You will have a chance of better ranking on the search engines if you use a long-tail keyword as many would not be aware of this technique. 

    Use the keywords intelligently:

    Once you have decided which long-tail keyword you will use, you will have to start using it on your website. Being a small scale businessman, you should search for ways to use your keyword in the title of the page, the website content, and also in the URLs. However, you should make sure that you are not overusing the keyword. You should use it in the header of the page and also in the initial paragraph of the written content. This would help you to get the attention of Google without overusing the phrase. You can also opt for creating content that runs explicitly around the long-tail keyword you have selected. 

    Update the content of your page regularly:

    It is a great strategy to update the content of your website daily as it helps the site to get a better Google ranking. The reason behind this is each time you are updating your website’s content; it is visited by Google web crawler and is indexed. In the process, your website is analyzed again by the web crawler, and thus its Google ranking is also recalculated. This means that the often you update your page’s content with high quality and fresh material, the more your page gets analyzed by a web crawler and gets updated ranking results. This will ensure that more people find your site out of the search results on Google. 

    Writing fresh content daily for your website might seem to be a daunting task, but it is not. Given the fact that you have a clear idea about your website, you will be able to think of topics quickly on which you are comfortable to write. This will both update the content and will also not create much trouble for you. Make the most of reliable SEO packages in India.

    Following the steps mentioned above will help you to get your SEO marketing game stronger. These SEO strategies are affordable and can easily be implemented by any small scale businessman on his own and without any professional help. Doing these SEO marketing steps on your own will save you money and will also make you knowledgeable in this field.

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