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    Free SEO Tools Vs Paid SEO Tools

    We all know how Search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming a well-known term nowadays. Mostly new bloggers are taking apart to learn and working on it. But the problem they face is that they do not find out the best source so they can follow it. Although this article is not about what SEO is? And how it is work? But I would like to recommend everyone to read Neil Patel‘s articles, guides and also watch videos. I am sure you will learn a lot from him. Also, you have to follow by brain dean.


    But what is the best way to implement Seo tactics that you learned?

    There are many ways and strategies to rank the content with the best Seo tactics. Following of the most common ways that everyone following is Keywords research, making backlinks and use social media to rank their contents.

    For all ways, they use some best search engine optimization tools. There are some paid tools available which help you to maximum optimize your content as compared to the free tools.

    But in the beginning, I would like to recommend you to use free SEO tools for the best practices. I will list down some free tools that also works great.


    Free SEO tools

    You can use the following SEO tools free of cost. But the problem we faced most of the time is that they are slow but work great. In those tools, you will get a very limited type of data. For example, if you are using them for keyword search, they can only give you the best volume keywords and their CPC and competition. No doubt, that is important data too. But they won’t show you your competitors who used these keywords.

    So you have to use another tool for that purpose. Here I show some tools which show you enough data and you can use it in free of cost.



    Smallseotools is a website having a set of free SEO tools. It includes all the basic tools that are required in search optimization. For example keyword research, domain authority and page authority checker. It is the most top-ranked tool available and used by many SEO experts. It is quick and fast report working tool. It has 20+ tools that you can use easily with no monthly fee.

  is another free SEO tool use for keyword research and explorer. It shows you a keyword’s searches of monthly bases. Also, show you its CPC rating and the competitors that are actually using it and ranked their website through this keyword. This is also used by many SEO’s gurus. It shows the most exact and accurate data. Neil Patel is the founder of ubersuggest and also he is count in the most top Seo experts. He provides this opportunity to the beginners and intermediate Search engine optimizers in free of cost.



    Websiteseochecker is also a free SEO tool. It is used to check Domain authority, page authority and the best spam score checker. Also, it is used to analyze the On-page and Off-page Seo of any site. It includes, shows the most top keywords ranked on google and which of the keywords could be rank easily on a search engine. Also, it shows on-Page. It includes, shows the designing, structure and inner errors of the website that should be fixed.


    Short Verdict

    Here we discussed three most useable free Search engine optimization tools. They show you very limited data but very helpful information. I have to say again that these free tools are best for the beginners and intermediate. There are also best free SEO tools available that also help but these mentioned ones are the most common and well known and easy to use.


    Paid Seo tools

    Although there are many free tools available why to buy paid SEO tools? This question may arise in every beginner’s mind. Paid tools are just more powerful and show the exact information that you want to extract. It could be of keyword research, check on-page and off-page SEO of any site.

    Now discuss few paid SEO tools that are most commonly used and are also more powerful ones. Those mentioned tools have their own importance and we are going to discuss it soon. So let’s start one by one.



    Semrush is one of the most powerful tools you can use its trial version. You can buy it in $100/monthly. The purpose to recommend is, it can extract that information which does not provide by the free SEO tools. For example, you can see your competitors backlinks, referring domains and what keywords are used to rank their content and much more. You can fully analyze their sites using Semrush. Also, it helps you in keyword research for your own article. A very valuable, unique, low completion keywords you can get with the help of this tool. A problem people are talking about nowadays about Semrush is, they said it is now working slow but I do not think so they are right. Semrush is a fast, helpful and very powerful tool and currently used by thousands of people.



    The most powerful, helpful and expensive tool I ever used is Ahref. It was available in different packages starting from $99 which is its lite version and end up to $999. It is a more powerful tool than Semrush and Moz. It shows the most exact and unlimited information about any site that a blogger needs.  For example, the main aim of ahref is to explore any site, content and keyword. Beside it, also show you rank keywords. You can show it in different sections like new, days and monthly wise keyword ranking. Similarly, it shows the information about backlinks and referring domains of any site. The best thing of Ahref which make it more powerful is all of the data you show in it is Graphical form. An automatically graph is generated with the report that you want to extract.



    Moz is also one of the best-paid SEO tools. it is most commonly used for the link explorer which mean you check the domain authority, spam score, inbound links, top rank pages and linking domains. Moz shows a very limited amount of data as compared to the Semrush and Ahref but a very helpful and exact data. Even some SEO expert says that Google also follows the data of Moz like Domain authority and spam score etc. All the data that we get from Moz is most correct and exact. It has also some standard and premium pricing packages starting from $99 to $999.



    We have discussed some paid search optimization tools that are commonly used and the most powerful ones. All of these mentioned tools have their own speciality and importance. Two of them are the most expensive tools and works great. The main benefit to use paid SEO tools is they show you exact and unlimited information that the free tools do not show you. Moreover, you can understand quicker with graphically. Paid tools show you the more secret data about any website.

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