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    Facts and Trends About Contextual Advertising

    As technology advances, people adopt new trends and ways of doing things. Businesses and organizations do not want to be left behind when it comes to marketing, and they have been keeping up by adopting digital marketing strategies. Contextual advertising, which initially used banners, now uses popups on websites, taking advantage of the fact that people are always online. A contextual advertisement is more likely to get a clicked if the market segment is chosen well.

    If you work for a contextual company or are an entrepreneur, it is crucial to know the facts and trends about this marketing strategy. Read more below:


    Message Customization is Key

    As your marketing team works on the message to include on the contextual popups and billboards, they need to focus on how they are going to customize the message to suit the audience. It is a trend now that Google and other search engines use big data to know which websites they will target to pass specific messages. The main aim is to make sense to the readers and increase the chances of getting a click every time a popup comes up.


    Taking Advantage of Video Games

    Sony and other video game accessories producers started a trend of adding advertisements in the form of popups. This worked well until players started to complain and the adverts were pulled down. However, online versions of most games still have these popup advertisements. We see them when we use gaming apps on our phones, especially free ones. It is now a trend that assists the developers with free game apps to get some more revenue. The contextual message is clicked and will direct a person to the intended website.


    Cameras on Billboards

    As the demand for fact-based advertisement rises, innovators are coming up with better ways of doing things. According to digital marketing experts from SEO Analytics pro, billboards are now fitted with cameras that can recognize who is looking at them and how long they looked. This is later used to provide popups on the websites visited by people that are those ages. Although this is on a trial basis, it is expected to yield more positive results in the near future.


    Advertisement Relevance Software

    As mentioned above, the technology that we have today is not only doing a marvelous job, but it is more intelligent. Contextual marketing managers can now take advantage of media and Google bots to increase the relevance of their message. Even with this tool, there are many other paid programs that are intelligent enough to work out these algorithms. The aim is to target the right clients depending on what they use their gadgets to search for or read about, including social media trends. This method has been a success so far, and it is expected to have more positive results in the future.


    In-Text video contextual advertisement

    As we watch YouTube videos and videos from other platforms, we may have come across popups that have text and can direct you to a certain website. So, contextual marketing is not all about popups on a regular website or billboards. This is another trend that digital marketers have been adopting lately. It has been realized that most people prefer to watch videos than to read similar information in a text. Therefore, contextual messages integrated into the video will be more interesting and attractive to the client.




    Contextual advertising is a useful strategy for any business. Just like enhancing with SEO or using any other effective digital strategy, you can also seek experts who will help your business to conduct this. When integrated well with the other strategies, the results are excellent.

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