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    All You Need To Know About White Label SEO Packages

    If you have a digital marketing agency, you should consider providing your clients with search engine optimization services as well. This is because SEO is very important for any website, regardless of its purpose. Without SEO, a website is as good as non-existent. You might start losing clients because you do not provide SEO services alongside your numerous other services, or you might have a hard time acquiring new clients for this reason. People are realizing the importance of having a website that is optimized for search engines. If you cannot provide them with this, then they will simply look elsewhere. No one wants to have various aspects of their firm’s digital marketing handled by different companies, which will probably be more costly and will not produce great results.

    SEO is not something that anyone can handle. It requires in-depth knowledge of how search engines work and what various algorithm changes mean. Therefore, if you are to start providing SEO services, you will have to hire in-house SEO specialists to handle this for you. However, this might not be something you are willing to do yet because of the costs involved. Having in-house SEO specialists would mean providing them with all the benefits that your other employees are receiving, when they may not even be needed full-time. It might not make financial sense. If you are not interested in having an in-house SEO team, white label SEO is the other option that you can consider.


    What is white label SEO?

    Providing white label SEO services simply means selling outsourced SEO services to your clients as part of your firm’s service offering. Your clients do not even need to know that the services are outsourced as you can rebrand them as your own. For instance, the SEO reports you send to your clients can be branded with your agency’s logo even though the entire SEO project is being undertaken by a third party. This eliminates the need to hire in-house SEO specialists but enables you to provide your clients with the much-needed SEO services.

    More and more digital marketing agencies are warming up to the idea of white label SEO services because you do not need to hire additional manpower. The cost of reselling these outsourced services is much lower than that of hiring new staff to provide these services. All your clients’ SEO questions will be forwarded to the white label SEO provider. Since you have already established a great reputation in your niche and your customers trust you to handle their digital marketing needs, it should not be difficult to sell them your SEO services. In fact, they will be happy to have your agency handle their SEO needs instead of having to look for a different service provider. Now that you know exactly what white label SEO is and why you should consider it, let us dive deeper into the intricacies of these services.


    Services provided by white label SEO firms

    • SEO audits

    Your white label SEO service provider will provide your clients with on-site SEO audits. This is simply an analysis of the client’s site to identify the work that needs to be done to improve its search engine ranking. Some of the elements that will be considered include the user experience, keyword optimization, user interface, and other technical factors. The service provider will scan through the web pages to find out whether there are any SEO issues. If there are SEO issues, he/she will categorize them and devise a way to solve them so that the site is SEO-friendly. The audit can also help identify issues such as slow page load speed, broken links, and pages, images that are not optimized for search engines, the security of the site and migration issues, among others. The results of this audit will then be phrased in such a way that the layman can understand so that your clients know exactly what they are dealing with.


    • Link building

    Linking is one of the top ranking factors used by Google and most other search engines. For this reason, link building will definitely be part of the package offered by your white label SEO service provider. You need to find out from your service provider what link building techniques they use. This is because you want to be sure that the firm will not use black hat techniques on your clients’ sites as this would be disastrous. They will be penalized heavily by Google and they will also lose their credibility and reputation. This will, in turn, tarnish your reputation and cost you some of your clients.


    • Keyword research

    This is a very important aspect of any SEO strategy. Your white label service provider will do extensive keyword research to find out which keywords are likely to help your web pages rank highly on search engine results pages. They will do both standard and competitor-based keyword research in order to know which keywords to use. As with any other SEO service provider, they can either create the content for your clients or just advise them on how to create content that is optimized for search engines. The former will definitely cost more than the latter. It all depends on the off-the-shelf white label packages your service provider offers.


    • Keyword rank tracking

    Your service provider should do keyword rank tracking to assess the effectiveness of the keyword strategy used. Depending on the results, the white label SEO service provider will know what to modify in the SEO strategy so that the desired results are achieved. Your service provider should send both you and your client’s regular reports on this so that you are always in the know. Find out whether the service provider only tracks local rankings or they track global rankings as well. Different clients may have different needs and you need to ensure that their needs are met satisfactorily. You should also find out how often the keyword rank tracking will be done. Ask as many questions as you need to just to be sure that you end up with the best white label SEO service provider, who can meet your clients’ needs.

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