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    8 Ugly SEO Tools That Rock – Increase SEO Rankings Faster

    Want to increase SEO rankings for your site? With the right SEO tools, you can easily achieve this. There are some best SEO tools that you can consider today and improve your ranking. You can also check MySQL support pricing which is also highly essential for your business.

    Ever thought of ugly SEO tools? The good thing with these tools is they are practical, and you can use them for all practical solutions. Below are some ugly SEO tools that rock:


    1. Shared count

    Shared count by Tom Critchlow is an excellent SEO tool that you can consider. Apart from tracking the statics on social sharing of the pages you like, it also has an open API. This means you can build your tools on top of the Shared count. The social sharing can include Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook among other platforms.

    The ugly side of this tool is that it is not easy to pick on a tool that lacks design.


    1. IETester

    This tool rocks for different reasons. It is a free tool that you can easily download using various web browsers. With the tool, you can check multiple versions of IE, and also check for errors. The best part with this tool is there is an option for debugging that can be beneficial to your site. The ugly side is it has nothing that looks good.


    1. Blogscape

    Blogscape can be considered as a goldmine when it comes to SEO. With the tool, you can monitor how popular particular keywords are, and monitor ULR daily. What you need to do is enter a domain, and you will see the list of mentions of the phrase that comes from various RSS feeds. It has advanced query operators allowing you to track posts that only contain the particular domain.

    It is an excellent tool that tracks discovery of new links. You can also use it when measuring success you achieved from your SEO efforts. It has an ugly log in page for those who are not PRO members.


    1. URI Valet

    This tool uses a combination of more than ten structural tools for the performance site reviews, technical audits among others. You can check server header, download speed, HTML ratio, and quick links and object details and see behind the scenes. It has features for listing and validating lists of both external and internal features. However, to make a tool that is web-based, you do not need a designer.


    1. Robots Checkers

    SEO experts love these tools. They can be used to find hidden issues with particular files even if there are no visible errors. If there are hidden codes in the files, they will uncover them, allowing you to develop solutions fast. However, only a few can discover errors in robots.txt files. The ugly side of robots checkers? The files are boring, but the user interface is superb and easy to use.


    6. Wayback Machine

    This SEO tool has a huge archive of site pages that date back to more than fifteen years. Are you looking for a way to discover old links that may have gotten lost? Are you looking for a way to track a site modification that led to significant changes in traffic? The best SEO tool to use is Wayback machine. It will enable you to dive into past, and there are times the results can be dramatic.

    Some black SEO hats make use of domains that already expired and do a reconstruction. They do so in the hope of preservation of the allusion to Google. The tool is used to see how your site looked in the past.


    1. SEO Browser

    With SEO browser, you can quickly and quickly see all essential SEO structure in a single view. You can start with the title tag then work to the down. Is the page installed with analytics? Does it have a robots.txt file? You can use the toolbar and do a quick look at the information of the page structure. The tool is the best when it comes to seeing the whole text copy on a single page.


    1. Rank checker

    You can use rank checker when you are checking multiple rankings. The best part is it runs on the browser, therefore there is no need to wait for third parties.

    SEO tools are essential when it comes to the rankings of your site. You can make use of the above ugly yet excellent SEO tools to boost your rankings and outrank your rivals.

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