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    7 Expert Tips On How to Write Captivating Content

    Copywriting can be challenging and different from the normal writing style, but it is essential for improving a blog’s click-through-rate (CTR). If you want to improve your CTR, you need to learn the basic copywriting rules.

    What matters most, is your readiness to take the action required to get your readers attention. Do you want to write irresistible copy that makes your readers fall wildly in love with your products or posts?

    SEOGuestPosts presents seven most important copywriting tips that you can use to express yourself in your blog and hook your readers.


    1. Create Captivating Titles

    The title of content is the most important piece of copywriting. The truth is that you can have the best, most life-changing, amazing content and not get a single click. The defining and changing factor is your title.

    Your title inspires readers to see what you have to say. Or, it repels them.

    No one has the time to comb the net for relevant contents by reading them. All they need is to read the title and determine whether it is compelling enough for them to click. Thus, you need to make your title more compelling for improved CTR.

    For more information on writing headlines, check out the research performed by Buzzsumo on how to specifically craft headlines.


    2. Prioritize the First Paragraph

    After the title, your first paragraph is the most important. This is where you have to deliver fast and hook people to read further. The biggest mistake that you can make is to dive straight into the details without priming your reader.

    Take the first paragraph to drop the most important and most emotional information. For example, you will always see news sources that are reporting some horrible tragedy start their articles directly with the event. The reason being is that it gets readers emotional, it makes readers want to know how something like that happened and why it happened.


    3. Use Concise ParagraphsSEO Guest Post Stock Pencil Image

    If your paragraphs are succinct, your readers will quickly absorb your information even by scanning through it.

    A huge paragraph will distract people from paying attention to your content. This turnoff may defeat the essence of writing the post which is to pass information.

    Keep your paragraphs short at four lines max.


    4. Keep Your Sentence Simple

    The ideas that you have in your head only make sense to you. This means you have to make it as easy as possible for readers to comprehend what you are saying. The less mental RAM they have to spend trying to understand you, the better.

    Keep your sentence simple. Avoid unnecessary conjunctions or run-on sentences. Make sure that your content has only a subject per sentence.

    Keeping your sentences simple will help the readers comprehend your content better.


    5. Be Unique – Stop Regurgitating Content

    How will you feel if someone plagiarized your work and you read it? What will you think if your readers comment that you copied another person’s work? Will plagiarism affect your site reputation?

    People and search engines want unique articles. You will not rank well in plagiarized posts. In fact, it will bring your site reputation down among readers. Worse yet, your readers will lose trust in you if they see that you are just regurgitating old content.

    If you are going to say something, say it in a new light.


    6. Be Useful

    SEO Guest Posts Workshop Tools

    No one will read a post that is not useful. Give your audience a reason to read your post by giving them a compelling and useful title.

    People would prefer to read “5 tips on how to have a beautiful tourist experience in the United States” to “My experience in the United States.”

    Though, the two talk about the same theme but the former makes the title and post more useful to the readers.


    7. Insert a Call to Action

    Call-to-Action is one of the essential ways of improving your readers’ engagement. You can ask your readers a question and tell them to participate in a discussion.

    A simple call to action could improve your blog’s CTR.

    Follow these tips strictly and watch how your readers will appreciate your blog post. In fact, you would have an improved CTR.

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