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    5 Ways to Use SEO for Customer Acquisition

    When racing against intense competition, businesses often fail to focus on the core element of marketing; reaching customers in effective ways. They are mainly concerned with comparing profitability and market position of their rivals which leads to wrong decision-making. A clever approach is to stay aware of new marketing methods.

    Digital marketing is a product of modern marketing that uses the internet to communicate brands to consumers. SEO is an integral part of this strategy. It helps customers to find your business among a thousand other agencies. This technique collects user traffic on a website using a combination of tactics. The basic motive is to increase conversion and ROI through proper implementation of SEO. Customers will naturally enter the websites that appear on the first page in the search engine results. So, SEO is basically an art to increase the visibility of a website on the engine.

    Given that customer acquisition is the goal every business wants to achieve, you must have detailed knowledge of how SEO works. Here are 5 tactics that will help you to use SEO and expand organically into the global potential of the Internet:


    Insert keywords to help customers reach your site

    One of the best ways to increase traffic on your website is to find new keywords and insert them into the content. It focuses on using the main words along with long-tail keywords which provide exact details and carry more weight. This is a meaningful addition as only those customers are likely to visit your page who boost conversions.

    Different SE tools will allow you to view different keyword variants. Through them, you can view the high-traffic pages for a certain domain, and keyword rankings on organic search forums. You can also get an estimate of the traffic and costs involved. A reliable keyword search asks for a great deal of hard work. You have to be creative, use professional tools to form words and phrase variations and collect a list of relevant terms.


    Internal links for content discovery

    Business world visualizes the customer journey with the following graphic funnel:

    ways to use seo, 5 Ways to Use SEO for Customer Acquisition

    A solid SEO strategy works to build internal links on each page to help customers move from one page to another. It enables the search engine to prioritize and crawl through your pages. Google renders pages with an increased number of interlinks as “more important.” Moreover, the method of linking pages internally will help customers to find your less popular content also.

    Crafting internal links, therefore, improves the engagement metrics. And you will see fewer bounce rates, higher page views, and longer time spent on the site during monthly analysis. Make sure that there is a strategic insertion of links rather than a forced one.


    Effective customer relationship management

    CRM system allows you to manage contacts and leads to increased sales. It helps you to maintain a strong bond with the customers. There are many third-party platforms that you can integrate with your site for CRM. WordPress CRM, for instance, is providing a great service to the marketing sector. It offers a variety of plug-in options that you can use to implement your entire CRM solution. SEO will link these solutions with your webpages.

    CRM helps a company to organize important data from multiple locations and store it at a single interface. Small business sales CRM is as important as that of large businesses. The motive is to manage interactions and attract more people, and this is the key mission of every business.


    Improve overall customer experience

    Customer experience is an important factor that affects the willingness of a customer to be a loyal advocate of the brand. When a customer makes the first visit to your website, the chances are that they are looking for a product or service that you provide. They are already reviewing the product, so, their experience on your website is an important factor in determining if they will be visiting again. A few SEO factors that can make or break the experience of your customers are:

    • Page load time: Seek for a design that loads within a blink. Research indicates that customers will not wait if a site takes more than 4 seconds to buffer. Whereas, according to Google, the ideal site load time is 500 milliseconds.
    • Responsive design: Regardless of the screen size that the customers are using, your website must fit in with a perfect layout.
    • Broken and dead links: Avoid inserting links that are broken or do not open at all.
    • Bold and Italics: Make use of proper font formatting to highlight key points and enhance the message for customers.
    • Metadata: Google makes use of this data in SERPs. You must work to make your content brief and compelling.


    Use social media

    Social media stands to be the most effective channel for boosting brand recognition and loyalty. It establishes a new form of communication with customers along with running ads. You can begin by loading all new content pieces created for the website into multiple social channels. After that, you can focus on the development of exclusive content for social followers. A business can also create a Facebook Group that is especially for their followers.

    Social media is providing a tool of sponsored ads as well. This will attract more visitors to your page. Plus, you can use the auto-posting option that makes things quite easy and less time-consuming. A well-developed social networking channel will help you broadcast your feelings to the world. And likewise, you will also get to know the feelings of customers about your brand. This can play a pivotal role in business growth.

    It isn’t necessary for a business to follow all the above strategies for turning followers into customers. You must pick the ones that apply to your business. Customer acquisition is a broad subject and SEO is an integral part of it. When used right, it can turn into an incredible service tool.

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