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    5 SEO Tactics You Must Avoid While Creating a SEO Plan

    If you are going to be helping your customers with their SEO services needs, then you need to be aware of the tactics that you need to be avoiding. There are some tactics that are good and that will help their ranking, while there are others called black hat tactics that should be avoided at all costs. Here are just a few of the ones that you should avoid since they can drag the ranking of your client down before you even get started on the actual work.


    Top Tactics to Avoid

    You need to be aware of which tactics you shouldn’t be using when it comes to SEO Services before you start the work. These tactics aren’t ones that are used in normal companies and they can have a negative reaction on the ranking and the top 5 tactics to avoid include:


    1. Exchanging and buying links

    You should avoid exchanging or buying links unless you are doing it in the right manner. Avoiding giving money for people to put up your links or giving free stuff for people to link to your page.


    1. Stuffing keywords 

    Another thing to avoid is stuffing of the keywords into your content. This is something that the search engines frown upon and they will penalize your site if this happens. You should make sure that you are using the keywords between 1 to 2% for the entire content length.


    1. Hidden links and text 

    You want to make sure that your site is on the up and up, which means that you would need to avoid hidden links or text. This simply means that the extra text, as well as links, are hidden from the search engine, but not from the user.


    1. Spam comments 

    Comments are one of the top ways that you can create links without having to work hard. However, these days there are plenty of spam ones that are posted on every website out there. You should make sure that you aren’t using them since the algorithm put into place by Google doesn’t take these into consideration anymore.


    1. Cloaking 

    This is one of the top tactics that you need to avoid since it is done using 2 copies of the same website. This means that one of the pages is going to be seen by the viewers, while the other is built just for the search engines. When someone goes to the site the robots are sent to one, while the human viewers are sent to another. You should make sure you are avoiding tricking your clients to avoid paying penalties.

    You never know what is going to happen when you use the wrong tactics to get your page on the top of the search engine results and can have a harmful effect on your site and the clients. However, you can be penalized or even lose your ranking, so you want to make sure that you are avoiding these tactics and using the ones that are the best for your needs.

    If you are hiring or using SEO services you want to make sure that these tactics aren’t being used, so go ahead and ask the experts what their plans are. However, if you are offering your expert work to the client you should be making sure that you are avoiding these methods so that they can get the best ranking that they deserve. You need to know in advance which methods aren’t the best and that means doing the research or knowing what is what and these are the ones that should be avoided at all costs.

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