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    5 Critical Search Ranking Factors That You Must Know About

    Though Search Engine Optimization is a strategy that everyone uses, getting yourself to the top of the rankings is easier said than done. There are millions of competing websites that you need to beat to reach the top. At the same time, hundreds of factors influence your positioning. The secret to success lies in knowing the parameters prioritized by Google for allocating rankings and optimizing your website accordingly. So here is a list of the critical search ranking factors that you need to follow closely for the success of your SEO strategy.


    Content quality

    Without any doubt, the quality of content on your website is the factor that has the greatest influence on your ranking. Google loves content that is authentic, relevant and informative, which is everything that makes it truly valuable for the users. While everything that you publish on-site should match these parameters, getting quality content published on niche-influencing sites makes things even better. Therefore, you should go the extra mile and avail Blogger Outreach Services to reach out to niche influencer for getting your content on their blogs.


    High loading speed

    For Google, the user experience that your website delivers matters the most. This is the reason that it will give you full marks for one that loads at a lightning-fast speed. On the other hand, slow loading speed not only poses the risk of ranking loss but also has the users bouncing back. In fact, surveys indicate that users are likely to leave your website for good even if it takes just a few additional seconds to load.


    Mobile responsiveness

    Another key factor that affects the search engine ranking of a website is mobile responsiveness. According to the latest algorithm, a website needs to run seamlessly across all devices to get higher rankings. Plus the fact that a majority of users search via mobile devices makes responsiveness a critical element of the SEO checklist. Not being optimized for mobile means that you will lose your ranking as well as mobile traffic.


    Strong backlink profile

    Having a strong and natural backlink profile with a large number of quality backlinks guarantees a high positioning for your website. Link building experts at Submitcore highlight the importance of the quality of backlinks over their number. The idea is to focus on getting links from high-authority and niche relevant websites because these are regarded as quality links that strengthen your profile. Moreover, ensure that you do not follow wrong practices such as buying links or building them too fast.


    On-page SEO

    Factors such as quality content, good user experience, and natural backlink profile get you Google’s trust but you cannot forget the technical aspects of on-page SEO. Ensuring keyword optimization of content, for example, is vital to get you on the top of the search rankings. Also, you should pay attention to parameters such as page titles, headings and subheadings, meta descriptions, image optimization and internal link structure of the website.

    SEO requires great expertise and consistent efforts because the aim is not just to reach the top but sustain your position there as well. Therefore, you should have a team of experts looking after the entire ranking factors throughout the life span of your website.

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