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    Top 8 Frameworks For Niche PHP Web Development

    We all know that Laravel is highly favourable above any other PHP Web Development frameworks. But did you know, that PHP’s has bountiful of other magnificent frameworks that can build brilliant yet functional websites?

    PHP, a popular server-side programming language with built-in web development capabilities. The framework easily allows embedding the HTML code through script tag.

    There’s no need to write additional code! Yes. You read it right. Unlike other programming languages, PHP programmers do not have to write lengthy and complex code.

    The code generation feature reduces the coding time significantly. The source code is clean and maintainable making it best for PHP Web development.

    This language became so popular that not less than 79% of all websites use PHP until October 2018. This pundit programming language has a pool of frameworks to choose from. Let’s learn more about them.

    1. Laravel;
    2. Symfony;
    3. CodeIgniter;
    4. CakePHP;
    5. FuelPHP;
    6. Phalcon;
    7. PHPixee;
    8. Yii.


    Laravel is so popular PHP platform, that it needs no introduction. It comes with an instant hosting, deployment platform and Artisan command facility. This interface provides a number of helpful commands while developing an application.

    The light-weight templating engine called “Blade” facilitates common tasks such as authentication, caching, sessions, Restful routing and more.



    Symfony is a boon for PHP developers as it allows to reuse components and code. The framework is used by many impressive large-scale enterprise projects. One can install many other components with Composer PHP dependency manager.

    The Symfony CMS is used by Drupal, PHPBB, Laravel and more. The hyperactive community is supported by many well-versed developers.

    Existent since 2005, Symfony is considered the most reliable framework. The flexibility it offers allows the developers to integrate it into various platforms.


    PHP Web Development



    CodeIgniter was released after Symfony, back in 2006. It requires minimal configuration for installation. This MVC based framework works perfectly with all shared/dedicated hosting platform. Though MVC based, it allows you to use your own coding and naming conventions, thus giving full freedom to the developers.

    CodeIgniter draws attention in terms of its speed and runs faster with database tasks. To increase the functionality, extra third-party plugins can be added in the framework. It comes with top-notch error handling and in-built security tools.



    This framework is simple, elegant, speedy, reliable and secured. Isn’t the features mentioned enough to choose CakePHP for your commercial web applications?

    This framework allows you to built feature-loaded websites and has a large community of developers.

    Why this framework is best suitable for commercial websites? Because it includes SQL injection prevention, cross-site forgery protection, cross-site scripting protection and more.
    It provides great documentation and many support portals.



    This flexible framework has its own hierarchical model view controller. The duplication of content has not to be done and thus it consumes less time and memory. It provides end to end web solutions and addresses the security concerns efficiently.

    It catches the eye of the developers because of its HMVC implementation, URL routing, caching system, vulnerability protection and more.

    It supports multiple applications for diverse size and complexities. It is modular and extendable with many other sophisticated features.



    This C-extension released back in 2012, was originally written in C and C++. This easy to use frameworks is loaded with exceptional features like asset management, caching, security, universal autoloader and more.

    It is used to create web applications following the enterprise development guidelines. It offers efficient memory utilization and hence optimizes the application performance.



    PHPixee, a high-performance framework is used to create read-only websites. The framework offers inbuilt independent components that can be used even without the framework. The framework utilizes minimum dependencies and is best suitable for social networking websites, customized web applications, and web app development service.

    The feature includes standard ORM, authentication and authorization facilities, and has a sophisticated routing system.



    Yes, it is! Don’t be confused, that’s what Yii stands for. This is framework adopts lazy loading technique which makes it efficient and faster. Yii is based on DRY(Don’t Repeat Yourself) coding concept and is suitable for all types of web apps.
    The easy installation process is suitable for highly secured eCommerce projects, portals, forums and more. If any isse=ue faced, it is readily solved because of the expert team contributing the development.
    The framework can be integrated with AJAX and JQuery features and has a robust class code generator called Gii. It further facilitates customization of code as per the business requirement.



    It is easy to learn PHP framework is used to create powerful web applications. It is lightweight and is used to develop Restful APIs and services. It supports flash messages, client-side HTTP caching, session and cookie routing.

    Each above-mentioned frameworks have their own strengths and weaknesses. The large community of PHP developers is constantly working behind in updating and providing the best version for the developers.

    Each framework helps in developing fully fledged web applications and it’s up to the developer which one to choose. You can hire a PHP developer for building an extraordinary web application using these frameworks.

    Whichever framework you use, make sure that it offers long term support. This framework should be updated regularly for the future.


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