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    8 Useful Tools For Developing Projects In PHP

    PHP is one of the most popular and common programming languages. This article contains the most useful tools that are useful to PHP developers.

    1. PHPStorm

    tools for developing projects in php, 8 Useful Tools For Developing Projects In PHP


    This is an integrated development environment (Integrated development environment, hereinafter IDE) for PHP from JetBrains. The editor has many useful functions, it is great for working with PHP, HTML, and JS, it has automatic refactoring tools for PHP and JS, as well as an auto-completion function. In addition, it can work with SQL and databases.

    The editor is paid but has a 30-day test period. There are special offers: free use for students and teachers, as well as for developers of open-source projects.


    2. XAMPP

    tools for developing projects in php, 8 Useful Tools For Developing Projects In PHP


    This is a free tool that is easy and simple to install and use. XAMPP is an Apache distribution, which in addition to PHP also contains Perl and MariaDB. So, it is perfect for those who work with this database (previously the distribution came with MySQL). It has an open source code.


    3. Eclipse PDT


    It is an integrated development environment that is freely distributed and suitable for the development of modular cross-platform applications. Initially, Eclipse was used to develop projects in Java, but the special PDT plugin allows you to enable PHP support. Eclipse has all the features you need to develop, such as profiling PHP code, syntax highlighting and unit testing. The only drawback is the resource-intensive environment, which will make it difficult to use it in small projects.


    4. ScriptCase

    tools for developing projects in php, 8 Useful Tools For Developing Projects In PHP


    ScriptCase RAD (rapid application development – rapid application development) allows you to give a web application in just a few minutes. This is a web-based platform, it can be installed on a server on the Internet. It is a platform for developers, allowing them to use a graphical shell for code generation, which is accessible directly from the browser. Of the minuses – the service is paid (from $ 349 per year), but after installation, there is a test 20-day period.


    5. phpDesigner


    phpDesigner is a processing environment with wide functionality. It has everything for creating and debugging dynamic web projects, including a tool for cleaning and improving PHP code. Also in this IDE, there are built-in editors for HTML5, CSS3 and JS code. Thanks to an intuitive interface, even new users in development can use phpDesigner. The product is commercial but has a test period of 21 days.


    6. Aptana Studio

    tools for developing projects in php, 8 Useful Tools For Developing Projects In PHP



    Aptana Studio has an amazing amount of features for an open source project. Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Thanks to the integrated PHP server and debugging tool, you can integrate other PHP tools here to create and test PHP applications in the same environment.


    7. Code Lobster


    Code Lobster is suitable for those who are looking for a portable IDE option. This development environment can be used as a plugin for one of the popular CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) or for a popular framework (Symfony, Yii, etc.). Code Lobster is available in two versions – free and paid, which has advanced features.


    8. PhpED


    PhpED is one of the many PHP tools from NuSphere. Apart from PHP 7.1, this editor supports HTML5, CSS3 and JS. Of the interesting features, you can highlight the built-in support for DBG (debugger and profiler for PHP) and the ability to remotely debug PHP scripts. PhpED is also compatible with many other tools from this article.

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