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    PDF To HTML: Why, How And Where Can I Do It?

    When transferring information from person to person, it is sometimes easier to convert files from one format to the other. Two of the most popular files extensions are PDF and HTML, and it is possible to switch between these for ease of use.


    What Is PDF?

    PDF is one of the most common file types and is praised for its ease of use, accessibility, and additional features such as the ability to add an electronic signature. It is also one of the formats which can be received and opened by almost any other user.



    The acronym stands for Portable Document Format and was developed by Adobe in the 1990s as a means of exchanging information. At the time, they were unique in their lack of editing functions. They worked in a similar way to a photocopy and provided security. Any file received in a PDF format couldn’t be altered or edited.

    This feature has now changed, but security is still a priority. The files can be password protected, and electronic signatures added. This extra layer of protection means that PDF is an accessible file format.

    Sometimes, however, a PDF needs to be converted into a different format, depending on the needs of the recipient and the purpose of the file. This conversion helps prevent the need for additional software and makes the data more accessible to users.


    What Is HTML?



    HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. This format is the language which forms the basis of the web as we know it. It is often considered a programming language and is used to place images, text, and other contents on a webpage. As a rule, it makes up the basis of any page you visit on your web browser.


    Why Would I Convert PDF To HTML?

    pdf to html


    Although PDF is a format which is accessible and popular, it may become necessary to convert to a PDF to HTML if you are building or creating a website.

    A favourite reason for making the conversion is to allow information and pages to be displayed correctly on all browsers— including mobile browsers—with no need for additional software. While PDF is useful, it requires an Adobe reader to open and manipulate the document. This step may be unwanted for many users, and they may be unwilling or unable to download additional software.


    How Do I Convert PDF To HTML?

    There are many technical, computer-savvy ways to make the conversion –or you could head to a simple to use website that will do the hard work for you. Many online conversion tools require you to simply input the original PDF file, and it will then export an HTML file which you can save, download, and work with as needed.

    This technology can recognize the PDF format and convert it into HTML, preserving fonts, columns, lists, and tables accurately. HTML format will allow you to publish the document and help it to get indexed by search engines quickly.

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