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    Leverage Augmented Reality For Your Magento Store’s Benefit

    Since the past few years, augmented reality has received much attention from all quarters of the world, especially business. However, Pokémon Go ushered in an age of renewed interest and enthusiasm in augmented reality that now has led companies to embrace it at a rapid pace. It makes sense too, owing to the prevalence of smartphones. Businesses across a variety of verticals have already started harnessing the benefits proffered by this technology.

    Take retail, for example. With Google and Apple’s ARCore and ARKit AR platforms, software developers can either integrate AR features into existing apps or build entirely new programs with novel functions. The primary example of tech used in retail gets discovered in Amazon’s app which offers an AR view to allow users to check out products in their homes before they purchase them.

    It is being used in the auto industry too — AR solutions are being used to allow customers to place the car in their driveway and get a look and feel of the car by walking around it and even looking inside. They get to experience the car like they are in an actual showroom. Also, that’s not all — AR has made its way into the manufacturing industry. Companies are using solutions such as Google Glass Enterprise to organize their processes and enhance efficiency. Furthermore, wearable AR is empowering factory workers to control instructions as well as troubleshoot remotely.

    The fact remains that AR brings forth immense potential for the retail sector, where customer experience is key to better sales. Now, let us see take a look at how this technology can add further value to a company’s Magento store.


    Better customer engagement

    The integration of AR can allow customers to view the product as if they are looking at it in person. Some of the best examples for the use of AR in retail includes e-commerce websites for jewelry, fashion, or furniture brands.


    Experiences that resemble in-store shopping

    AR technology allows customers to get a life-like experience, i.e., to feel like they are physically visiting the store. Not only are they able to get a close look at the product but can also be given the opportunity to customize different facets of the product by their tastes.


    Foster trust and cut down returns

    An AR-driven Magento e-commerce store can help significantly reduce return rates. Furthermore, it also helps boost trust in the brand since customers can get a much better look at the products.


    More traffic

    The addition of AR in a Magento e-commerce store increases the movement as well as the duration of user sessions. It is because the AR functionality motivates to explore the product further and any digital expert will tell you that the longer a visitor stays on the website, better are the chances of sales.


    We must admit that hiring a company that provides expert Magento development services can be a sizeable investment. However, the fact remains that this technology a vast number of benefits that it easily justifies the expense since businesses will see their ROI via enhanced customer engagement and sales very quickly.

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