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    How to Make Visitors Fall in Love with Your Website Instantly

    Everyone is guilty of making wrong first impressions about people which later turn out to be wrong. Sometimes we avoid communicating with people because they look dominant and unfriendly, yet found to be genuinely sweethearts if we get a chance to interact. As wrong as first impressions can be, humans are prone to immediately develop a perception in as less as one-tenth of a second. Hence, we are worried about our first impression in interviews and dress up formally to appear professional and learned. Don’t we?

    What makes you think people don’t have first impressions of digital content aka websites? Within 0.05 seconds, a visitor decides whether he wants to stay on a site or not. It means that you don’t even have half a minute to guide website visitors to relevant content.

    Don’t worry. We got you! This article helps you in developing a pleasant and positive first impression that will keep website visitors engaged.


    Conceptualize the Emotions You Want Website Visitors to Feel

    Start by understanding your brand perception and identify the emotions you want your website visitors to feel. For example, a news website wants visitors to quickly find news categories and feel calm and patient enough to read. It will have limited colors, mostly white. Leading news websites and blogs, like Forbes and The New York Times, are a subtle combination of black and white.

    On the contrary, a cinema website wants people to feel enthusiastic and excited to book tickets immediately. The site will have brighter colors and louder visuals to boost the happy emotions, like that of AMC Theatres with the black and red theme, and Showcase Cinemas with a purple and blue theme.

    Similarly, a non-profit organization, such as an orphan house, wants people to feel compassion and empathy. Abbot House, an organization that helps orphans and elderly, uses green, blue, and orange colors on its website. These colors foster sympathy and suppress appetite.

    The understanding of your business and website goals will provide a direction for the designs. Ensure that your website reflects your brand image and purpose, and conveys the message effectively through the creative interfaces.

    Reduce the Website’s Load Time

    Users instantly get frustrated when websites take a long time to load. According to research, one second delay causes 7% lesser conversions, a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, and 11% reduction in page views.

    Usually, text loads faster and one has to wait for the images to show. Within these few seconds when the images are loading, the user goes through the content but fails to connect with the website immediately.

    Mind you the first impression is formed by now and is not a positive one.

    Visuals easily and clearly communicate ideas. Therefore, ensure the website has a minimum load time and engages the user in a New York minute.

    Apply AJAX, so the mobile site fetches data without refreshing the page and optimize caches to avoid server requests. Minimize image size, so it loads fast. Also, remove unnecessary characters from the source code.


    Give Clear (Read Clearest) Directions

    Website navigation directly and significantly impacts conversions and bounce rates. The law is simple: people will go away if you don’t guide them about the next step.

    Websites must be designed to clarify where to find desired content, such as product listings, product prices, catalogs, blogs, and more. Once the visitor has landed on the homepage, guide and encourage him to visit other pages as well.

    The header must be the key to the website and should include links to all pages, such as About Us, Contact Us, Blog, Services, and more. It highlights the overall function and persona of the website and engages users in exploring more. Place bold CTAs and headlines.

    Every company must know what people are looking for. Users want to know ongoing sales and promotions on e-commerce platforms and are looking for the menu on a restaurant’s site. The website must immediately present the direction to the most desired content.

    The goal is not to make users wait, at all!


    Use Limited Textual Content on the Homepage

    Too much of text is tedious and takes a lot of time to communicate the message. With an average attention span of 30 seconds, users definitely won’t read it. Instead, use visuals to engage visitors and encourage them to explore the website.

    The Homepage is not a news agency. Instead, it is an advertisement that provides just enough information to foster curiosity.

    A right blend of text, images, and CTAs are the key to an efficient Homepage for the website.


    Provide Sufficient Information before Seeking Some

    48% of people judge the credibility of a website through its design. Therefore, appear credible through your content and visuals. For example, asking for an email address as soon as a visitor has landed shows your desperation in the user’s information, instead of helping him.

    Let the visitor explore the website before you ask him for any information. If a user is scrolling through more than one website, he is likely to close the tab rather than the pop-up, if it appears immediately.

    Engage website visitors with creative and insightful content. Give them a few minutes to better understand your website and then ask for their information.

    Giving incentives like a 20% discount upon signing up for the newsletter or upon registering an account is another excellent strategy.

    Make sure the pop-up has a bold and clear cross button, so users don’t end up closing the tab instead.

    An effective website requires smart designing and insightful visuals that create a positive first impression within a few seconds. Utilize these tips and tricks to foster a compelling and engaging website effortlessly!

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