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    How IoT Will Impact The Web Development?

    Internet of things (IoT) is ubiquitous connecting several devices at a time via the Internet and these devices collecting and sending data in a useful way without any human interaction. We use IoT for a long time without acknowledge of IoT. The best example in front of us is ATM (automated teller machine) – they can give you an image of the actual meaning of IoT.  ATM machine is connecting to the internet 24*7 and shows your personal information on the screen which is collected from the internet.

    The trends of these connecting things are growing not only in SAP, Intel, Microsoft but also in an unexpected place like kitchen, garden and playing ground and more. As demands of the IoT proving that in the upcoming years this technology will be as ubiquitous as smartphones.


    The place for Web Development in IoT

    Just like IoT is penetrating in very industries, there is no exception in web development. If you’re wondering why IoT in web development, then here we explain to you. The network of connected devices relies on the web server. The data received from the sensor is stored in the cloud. Advanced messaging protocols are responsible for communication. And it’s the user interface that helps other users interact with connected devices.

    As we know, many IoT devices show website content. For instance, Amazon’s Echo with its virtual assistant Alexa can display the web content apart from smart TV, Laptop and wearable devices.


    IoT Will Change the Web Development Process:

    Many businesses want to provide their customers with more personalized and customized services such as IoT services in the USA. Aim of IoT is to provide better customer experience and make their enterprises successful.

    Due to the evolvement of IoT, enterprises can use the fusion of sensors and wireless technologies to serve the customer better. Understanding the customer demographics, enterprises help the people to control not only their appliances but health as well. Out of the big number of things affected by IoT, web development and web designing would be one of the main areas by future development.

    There are many development companies that are still not completely aware of IoT as the IoT is quite expensive. Owing to the new technologies, the old process completely assumed. For the new technology Internet of Things (IoT), developers need to learn the technology.


    The Complexity of Web Development:

    Web development process going to be quite complex with the introduction of IoT in web development. Since the user primarily will use the front-end interface to communicate with another internet of things devices, such as sensors, cameras, and other smart devices. There are many websites that would need the complex capabilities of communicating with back-end databases that use to store our personal information that receives from the IoT. The web development and web design will help to reduce the page load time and transmission time doesn’t cause any delay. In the future, the requirement of web designer help to use a powerful language that just not build dynamic interface but also allow the user to communicate with IoT in the backend.


    Building an Efficient Developers Team:

    IoT involvement in web development would need the right set of talent, skills and well-trained developer’s team. Some of the strategies are mentioned below which help to clear the barrier.

    • Optimize the Development Before building the web development team, Web development companies need to monitor and train their developers to optimize the website. Site optimization is the only way by which companies will remain with their relevant industries.
    • Get the Right Talent and Realize the requirementIt has now become important to recognize the expertise needed for the development and once get the require talent, it would be easy for the organization to accomplish task and design an inventory. IoT in the fusion with web development not only made lives more comfortable but it has brought more opportunities for developers to create a more innovative application.


    IoT Devices that might Display on the web:  

    There will be many developers who are not aware that there may be many devices which can show web content to the user in the future:

    Smart Watches – Smartwatches have a smaller display and several display colors and resolutions. While Apple watchers don’t have any web browser while the Android watches have the web browser for Android wear. Also, it is possible that in the future these smartwatches can support many web browsers.

    Personal Assistants: One of the latest trends in computing is the smart voice assistant such as Alexa, Siri, Google’s now developed by the development giants. The role of these assistants in the home would help operate all the appliances and do even small tasks as setting alarms as well. The web with IoT can access bots which would help to read the information instead of displaying it visually.

    Computing devices with small displays

    Devices such as Raspberry Pis have small screens that can give display the web content. The circumstances of the content can be in the form of web-based device control pages, local dashboard style web displays and web pages.

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