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    How Helpdesk Software Can Boost Customer Support Metrics for Businesses

    Having robust helpdesk software can help any SaaS business to improve its customer support to a great extent. Running a SaaS company can be both rewarding and challenging. The major challenge is in keeping the new and existing customers happy. A great helpdesk keeps track of all customer interactions and helps to make the right decisions by using the customer support metrics.


    Here are some of the benefits of using the right helpdesk software.

    1. Helpdesk software helps the support agents to do their jobs more efficiently. It may not transform a mediocre support team into a high-quality support team. But it will certainly improve the way they offer customer support. It can help them resolve issues faster, reduce response time and so on.  Helpdesk software can help companies to track different metrics and improve customer satisfaction.
    2. Helpdesk software helps to improve the customer service levels. All the information related to customer interactions can be tracked, which can be used to avoid dissatisfaction among customers. This can help keep the response time fast.
    3. The right help desk software can help a SaaS business to improve its rate of conversion of leads. Based on the interaction with the prospective customers, the software can give insights on the common questions or doubts that the prospective customers ask. The sales team can utilize this information to address these issues and convince the prospective customers to choose their services.
    4. Customer support staff can be trained to identify the future needs of their customers as they will be interacting with them frequently. By tracking interactions with customers, the sales team can assess if the customers need any other software package and approach them.
    5. Helpdesk software enables SaaS companies to offer customer support on multiple channels: web, digital, email and voice. As a result, it’s easier for the support team to track the inquiries that come from different channels and provide support.
    6. Helpdesk software supports automated ticket assignments, run community forums and do reporting at multiple-levels.
    7. Operational costs can be reduced by using helpdesk software. Some of the important metrics that a helpdesk software tracks are: cost per contact, customer satisfaction, agent utilization, first contact resolution rate, first level resolution rate, agent satisfaction, and aggregate help desk performance. By tracking all these metrics, companies can reduce their costs to a great extent.
    8. Companies that invest in helpdesk software will be able to provide better customer experience and thereby retain customers and increase their revenues. When customers have a satisfying customer experience they tend to remain loyal to the brand.
    9. Helpdesk software improves cost per contact and customer satisfaction. Any SaaS business aims to achieve the highest quality at the lowest cost. This is only possible by continuously measuring cost and quality. This can be achieved by tracking cost per contact and customer satisfaction metrics.
    10. The software helps reduce the cost of providing customer support and at the same time helps improve quality. This is achieved by storing the relevant customer records, which are easily accessible, and storing important facts, history and the conversation. The entire process is automated which helps in improving customer satisfaction.
    11. Helpdesk software enables efficient first contact resolution and agent utilization. This, in turn, helps minimize cost per call and keeps the total cost of ownership low.
    12. The right helpdesk software helps to improve the first level resolution rate. This is achieved by making sure the tickets are resolved on the first attempt. The customers will be happy that the company respects their time and it results in higher customer satisfaction level. This is one of the important metrics to measure helpdesk efficiency.  
    13. Helpdesk software tracks agent satisfaction metric and helps keep the agents happy. A high level of agent satisfaction leads to less agent turnover and absenteeism, lesser handle times and higher first contact resolution rate. As a result, the cost per contact reduces and customer satisfaction level increases.
    14. It also helps a SaaS company to measure overall helpdesk performance. The software uses the key measures and combines them into one aggregate measure of helpdesk performance. When this is periodically tracked, it enables the company to check if the overall performance of the helpdesk is improving or not.
    15. The helpdesk software allows creating helpdesk groups. For example, customer support executives that specialize in a particular product are added to one group. So, when a customer who purchased this product reaches out to the support team, they are routed to the specific group that specializes in this product and they will be able to provide expert support to the customer. This helps in increasing the customer satisfaction level.
    16. Helpdesk software enables the company to personalize its customer support. The software stores a lot of data related to each customer, such as the products the customer owns, the past tickets raised by the customer, the customer’s interests and so on. A support executive will be able to see this information while providing support to the customer. It will help the executive to offer personalized support to the customer, which improves the customer experience.




    To conclude, helpdesk software helps the support team to close tickets quickly, help them improve the rate of conversion of leads, achieve efficient first contact resolutions and agent utilization. All these will help the company to lower its costs and keep the quality high and achieve greater customer experience and customer loyalty.

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