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    How to Choose a Web Hosting Provider?

    Choosing a website hosting provider is like planning to set up your shop in a business area. Your website is your business, the shop is your hosting provider and the business area is your market/ clients. There are various kinds of hosting- shared, VPS, dedicated, and cloud hosting. Your hosting provider should match not only your scale of business but also its growth.

    Let’s have a look at what kind of web hosting is suited for your business.

    1. Scale of business

    If yours is a small scale business or you are just starting it, then a shared hosting plan is suitable for your needs. In this plan, websites and customers share the same server. Since you are just starting your website or business, and are unsure about how it will scale up in the future, there is no need to go in for either a dedicated or buy cloud hosting.

    Big businesses, on the other hand, can opt for dedicated hosting. In this kind of a hosting plan, you are in control of your server, data, and other variables.

    Moreover, small and medium scale and websites, on the other hand, can afford to buy cloud hosting services. Their data is stored in several servers located in different countries. This set of customers can afford to buy cloud hosting because their business is growing and it gets high traffic on a daily basis.

    1. Kind of Website

    It’s not just your traffic that determines your website, hosting provider? You also need to take into account the kind of website that you are building.

    For example, if you are a blogger and new to the internet world, then you should use WordPress-friendly hosting plans. It is estimated that nearly 33% of all the websites in the world are run on WordPress.

    E-commerce sites, on the other hand, require different features. The former need space for huge data, secure payment systems, etc. E-commerce sites, therefore, might need a different hosting plan that is more scalable and secure.

    1. Understand your requirement

    Many websites hosting providers use attractive lingo to attract first-time users. Some of these terms are unlimited storage and accounts, etc. While all these features sound extremely attractive, do they actually fulfill your needs?

    If you are a developer, you might be needing a plan that gives you large bandwidth, and if you simply need a website to announce your presence to the outside world, then a plan supporting emails would be the right thing for you.

    1. RAM and Storage

    This point is similar to the earlier one. Many website hosting plans offer unlimited storage to beginners. But do you really need such a plan? In the initial stages of your business, your storage needs would be limited so you don’t need unlimited storage.

    You also need to look out for HDD versus SSD storage. The former is a traditional way of storing data, is less expensive and does not actually help your site load quickly. SSD, on the other hand, is modern technology, but expensive. It helps your site load quickly. Therefore, choose a plan that fits your budget, suits your current scale of business and at the same time impacts it positively.

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