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    7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Dedicated Servers Over VPS

    A dedicated server can be a good solution for many companies. But those who are new to hosting, do not fully understand what a dedicated server is, and in what cases it should be chosen. Below you will find answers to several questions that often arise in people who are just beginning their acquaintance with the world of development and hosting.


    1. What is a dedicated server?

    Dedicated server (or dedicated server ) is one of the types of hosting, choosing which you get to use a whole server, a separate physical machine that is used to host the website. As a rule, large projects with high attendance are placed on dedicated servers, as well as those that require special, unique server settings.

    Choosing a dedicated server , you get full control over its configuration. So, it can be configured exactly the way you need it for your project.


    2. How does the dedicated server work?

    Hosting on a dedicated server means that you are leasing a physical server that looks something like this:



    Renting an entire machine allows you to completely customize the server environment. That is, you can install any operating system on the server, select the processor, the amount of RAM and so on.


    3. Who will use the dedicated server?

    Dedicated server is suitable for companies that have their own technical specialists – setting up and maintaining the server requires certain knowledge and experience, and also takes some time.

    Therefore, most often dedicated servers use to host sites with large traffic, complex application sites, as well as all projects that require a high degree of security.

    Since a dedicated server is usually more expensive than other hosting options, it is usually used by medium or large companies.


    4. What is the difference between a dedicated server and VDS hosting?

    Choosing a dedicated server, you get access to the entire server. And if you choose VDS ( Virtual Dedicated Server), then you just rent some part on this server.

    If you compare with the building, in the case of VDS you rent a separate apartment or office, and in the case of a dedicated server – the entire building is entirely, and each apartment (and room) you can dispose of at your discretion. I think now it is clear why a dedicated server is more expensive than VDS.

    And if you select a dedicated server, all server resources will only belong to you, without having to share them with hundreds of other sites on the same server.


    5. What is the difference between a server with administration and no administration?

    Renting a server without administration, you will have at your disposal an empty server, which you can configure the way you need. You or your specialists will respond to all technical work relating to security, software updates and other things necessary for the correct operation of the server.

    If you want to order a server with administration, then you can contact the specialists who will configure the dedicated server. Of course, in this case, you will have to perform some technical tasks yourself, but still their list will be smaller than when you select a server without administration.


    6. What are the advantages of a dedicated server?

    A dedicated server can be a very convenient solution for some websites and applications.

    To begin with, the dedicated server is the most secure hosting option possible. The big plus is already that you do not share the server with other sites that may be vulnerable to hacker attacks.

    Also, the dedicated servers are usually higher than the uptime (the time of continuous operation), since the probability of software errors, due to which the server may stop working, is lower. The server withstands much higher loads.

    In addition, as already mentioned, you can use all the resources of a dedicated server for your project, and also be able to scale the server to the needs of the website.


    7. What are the disadvantages of a dedicated server?

    Of course, with all the advantages, a dedicated server does not suit everyone. For example, it is not suitable for beginners, since it requires working with many technical things. Sometimes a whole command is required to work with a dedicated server.

    If to compare with virtual hosting, then the dedicated server is much more difficult to configure (but, thanks to this, and more flexible). However, the control panel partially solves the problem (each can choose a panel that is convenient for itself – now there is a good choice of both free and paid options).

    Another disadvantage is the cost. This is the most expensive kind of hosting, so it’s hardly worth choosing those who have a small budget for hosting.



    Dedicated server is a good choice for hosting, which will give you a lot of opportunities, but in return it will take time to set up and manage, as well as some financial expenses.

    If you began to think about moving to a dedicated server from a virtual hosting, then consider the following points. On a dedicated server it is worth switching over if:

    a) you have significantly increased site traffic, increased workload;

    b) there are big technical changes in your project, and now it can not be located on a virtual hosting.

    A dedicated server is a reliable and secure hosting. When choosing the characteristics, be guided by the requirements of the project.

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