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    Conversational Commerce: Augmenting User Experience Using Chatbot

    Involvement of technology is increasing in our daily life as consumers are relying on messaging apps for all forms of communication. Increasing on demand of the mobile App has dramatically engaged customer with different utilities whether personal, business, or commerce. Consumers are using chat Application to find and select products and services in order to complete the payment process. Users are using the different platform through their devices without having to call, email, or even visit a brand’s website. There are many App that are integrating message services with within their app.

    From a Research, it is analyzed that trillion digital messages are circulated within a year and the bulk is through email. Instant messaging has just about reached its tipping point. So many information is being delivered with the number of instant messages that overtaking emails with running time.

    How Conversational Commerce Is Changing Business

    Conversational commerce refers to the intersection of messaging apps and shopping. Looking at business perspective this meaning follow the trend of interacting with businesses through messaging and chat apps. Social media like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Talk, and WeChat are the solid ladders for the Conversational Commerce.

    And yes through voice technology, things are shifting to a different level. New inventions such as Amazon’s Echo which that is creating an interface with all e-commerce companies through voice commands. The user feels comfortable to talk openly rather than conveying things in the form of text.

    Go those days when there were so many layers between the Consumers and the company. So it was tough to reach out to the company representatives and get customer support. But time is changing as top giants are stable at their positions on the basis of best user engagement and experience.

    Most of the marketing companies are working on the strategies where they ask questions, get personalized recommendations, read reviews, and click to purchase all from within messaging apps. Thus, with conversational commerce, the consumer engagement is done at its best level. And that engagement can be in the form of interaction with a human representative, Chatbot, or a mix of both.

    Now companies can use Chatbot to automate customer service messages. On the business side, it’s how companies are enabling users to buy products from them. Users are much into the messaging app they are using integrated with the social platform. With so many upgradations Companies can send order confirmations through Messenger App, as well as shipping and delivery notifications.

    Therefore, using Chatboats businesses can resolve customer service issues and provide recommendations as per the need. Apart from that it also creates wish lists, and interact with buyers in real-time.

    The Future: Conversational Commerce

    With time the bot market has passed the stage of hype. The user is now realizing that Chatbot technology and conversational commerce are here for the long haul. Natural language processing with machine language is understanding and growing. Therefore, the levels of advancement are enough to have human-like conversations for better results. Conversational AI interactions via messaging and voice are high on demand as it provides platforms through which user can interrogate information seamlessly.

    Some modern companies such as Apple, Google and many are launching as 100% conversational for example Alexa, Google Home removing many of the digital barriers. Thereby outraging previously existed barriers between the customer and the business.

    Heading towards advance phase days for Endless click-throughs with broken links and web pages that crash or won’t load instantly as they are replaced by a conversational interface. If in any case, there is trouble then these conversational interface enables consumers to message back and forth with brands to get the information they need and complete purchases. A big thanks to technology, finally we can communicate with brands on our terms, one-on-one, at our leisure.

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