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    Best JavaScript Companies For Your Next Web Development Project

    JavaScript is one of the most popular and widely used front-end technology. It allows developers to create quick, an application like website using just one set of technologies. JavaScript just does not run on the front-end but has become the powerhouse for developing new fully-featured and fully-functional web applications. Users these days expect responsive, snappy, and intuitive web interface for their websites. It is only possible with JavaScript only.

    According to, JavaScript is currently powering 94.9% of all the websites. The diagram below shows the popularity chart of JavaScript in comparison with other front-end technologies.

    There are thousands of JavaScript development companies to choose from. However, you should only select those companies who can easily understand your business requirements and handle your development project efficiently. Plus, it should deliver the project on time and has a good track of developing new web applications in JavaScript.

    On the basis of the following criteria, we have shortlisted these top 10+ PHP development companies that include the following conditions like:

    • Contacting their previous clients to look at the customer satisfaction.
    • Looking at their previous work history and portfolios
    • Reading customer reviews about that particular company
    • Reading client ratings and reviews for checking the credibility of the company.


    Here is the list of top JavaScript Development companies globally:


    1. MentorMate

    Best JavaScript Companies For Your Next Web Development Project 1


    Location: India

    No. of Employees: 400-450

    Founded: 2002


    MentorMate is a leading provider of Javascript web app development company with a remarkable design and javascript mobile development experience of 16 years. They are having a team of more than 450 employees is dedicated more to the development of native, hybrid and personalized software with the objective of satisfying the commercial demands of the clients. With seven offices in Minnesota, Sweden and Bulgaria, its strategists, designers, architects, developers, and quality control engineers combine offshore economics with the other n-shore flexibility to offer value to customers near and far.

    They can lead the creation of the user’s experience or execute it through visual design, they contribute their experience in all stages, from the proof of concept prototype to the complete transformation of the mobile/web solution. Participatory design advocates collaborate with your team in interviews with stakeholders, usability tests, task/decision flows, wireframes and prototypes that can be clicked to align with the complex interdependencies presented by modern companies.

    Have a look at its portfolio


    2. PixelCrayons

    Best JavaScript Companies For Your Next Web Development Project 2


    Location: India

    No. of Employees: 400-450

    Founded: 2004

    If you looking to outsource your Javascript app development work in India. There is no better option than to opt for PixelCrayons. It has the score of 99 out of 100 delivery on time and has over 98 out of 100 for customer satisfaction. Plus, they are an established company in Javascript app development as well as javascript mobile development.

    PixelCrayons was established in the year 2004 and has more than 4800+ businesses and clients in more than 38+ countries. Moreover, they provide digital applications to small-scale companies as well as start-ups. Also, they have around 500+ Javascript developers who are expert in Javascript development.

    PixelCrayons are certified CMMI level 3 and ISO company. Also, it provides a 100% money back guarantee if a project is not delivered according to the client’s need and requirements.

    Have a look at its portfolio


    3. WillowTree Inc.

    Best JavaScript Companies For Your Next Web Development Project 3


    Location: USA

    No. of Employees: 500-600

    Founded: 2007

    Along with a receptive attitude, websites require a more interactive UI / UX to attract customers who spend significant time spending on it. And WillowTree, Inc. armed with professionally trained strategists, JavaScript web developers and programmers has left its mark on the market with a track record of more than 300 dynamic and responsive website designs and web applications around the world since 2007. Few of its clients they are GE, Johnson & Johnson, Time Warner, AEG and Regal Cinema make their list of happy consumers.

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    It is a leading JavaScript web development company and its javascript mobile development team has extensive experience with Backbone.js, a lightweight framework that we have used to launch dozens of applications, from high-profile media streaming applications to sophisticated HTML5 games.

    Have a look at its portfolio


    4. ValueCoders

    Best JavaScript Companies For Your Next Web Development Project 4


    Location: India

    No. of Employees: 400-450

    Founded: 2004

    ValueCoders is a leading Javascript web app development company in India which focused on just one thing – offshore software development services. 13+ years in business & 450+ developers strong, they have worked with startups, software product development companies, digital agencies and enterprises to help simplify their IT outsourcing experience and reduce costs/time-to-market.

    ValueCoders offers rapid application development services to a wide array of industry verticals catering to all kinds of start-ups and mid-large scale businesses. Be it a simple portal or a complex business solution, they are always there to help you with all of your app development needs.

    Whether you look for end-to-end web development of the entire suite of custom joint application development project delivery, they ensure positive outcomes of their custom software & frontend web development services that bring exceptional business results.

    Have a look at its portfolio


    5. Iflexion

    Best JavaScript Companies For Your Next Web Development Project 5

    Pricing: <$200-300 per hour

    Location: USA

    No. of Employees: 500-600

    Founded: 1999


    Iflexion was established in the year 1999 and has a great track record in delivering the good quality Javascript websites and web applications to its clients and businesses.

    They provide applications and software like web portals, mobile applications, business intelligence and ECommerce solutions.

    They work on technologies like .NET, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Android, iOS, Javascript for web development, and backend technologies and much more.

    Some of their reputed clients are Xerox, Adidas, and PayPal.

    Have a look at its portfolio

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    6. Itransition

    Best JavaScript Companies For Your Next Web Development Project 6


    Location: USA

    No. of Employees: 900-1000

    Founded: 1998

    Itransition was founded in the year 1998 and is known as the best player in the market for creating amazing quality Javascript web applications and websites.

    Itransition has more than 1200+ clients in over 30+ countries and is known for working on application development like web portals, Mobile application, front-end development and much more.

    They work on the technologies like iOS, Android, Javascript for web development, Windows, PHP, Hadoop and much more.

    Have a look at its portfolio


    7. Espeo Software

    Best JavaScript Companies For Your Next Web Development Project 7



    Location: Poland

    No. of Employees: Freelancers

    Founded: 2008

    Espeo software was founded in the year 2008 and has more than 320+ clients across Europe. If you want to outsource your Javascript app development to Europe then Espeo software is the best choice to consider.

    They mostly work on technologies like Android, iOS, JavaScript, PHP, and .NET.

    Espeo Software is known to outsource Javascript web development services to various clients and businesses across Europe. They are having the highest customer satisfaction ratings for any Javascript development company in Europe.

    Have a look at its portfolio


    8. Cofa Media

    Best JavaScript Companies For Your Next Web Development Project 8


    Location: USA

    No. of Employees: 900-1000

    Founded: 1998

    Cofa Media is a very popular Javascript outsourcing company which aims to provide good attractive high end and user-friendly websites at a very cheap price.

    Cofa Media Magento is a website designing and JavaScript development company which is known to provide great quality services. Moreover, it helps its clients by developing a unique and robust performing and responsive Javascript for web development within a given amount of budget by various business. Plus, the company completely focuses on providing advanced and well developed JavaScript development services which help in creating a unique image of this development company amongst its client.

    Have a look at itsportfolio


    9. NuCitrus Technologies

    Best JavaScript Companies For Your Next Web Development Project 9


    Location: India

    No. of Employees: 300-350

    Founded: 2012

    NuCitrus Technologies is a renowned JavaScript web development company in Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This organization is known for its web innovation, which includes the development of the content management system and the development of e-commerce sites. In addition to all this, it is famous for its personalized digital marketing services and is a loved one of the clients for his design and development of deceptive websites.

    They understand that having a receptive website design has become a necessity for companies that seek to reach their target audience to deliver, promote and sell their products or services. They strive to offer the best JavaScript web development services that cooperate with the needs, objectives, and aspirations of your business. In short, it’s our job to make sure your website runs smoothly and we help your business run smoothly.

    In addition, they have a wide range of customers, B2B manufacturers, and wholesalers, B2C retailers and entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, small and medium-sized businesses such as; Law firms, financial companies, marketing communications and more.

    Have a look at its portfolio


    10. Contus

    Best JavaScript Companies For Your Next Web Development Project 10


    Location: India

    No. of Employees: 900-1000

    Founded: 2008

    Contus is one of the leading JavaScript service development company in India. They are providing SMAC based solutions in more than 40 countries worldwide since it was founded in the year 2008. Moreover, they are having a strong team of 200+ developers and designers who are skilled and expertise in JavaScript development services. Since its establishment, they have helped many small businesses and startups with their innovative apps. Moreover, they are up by 150% every year and are looking to capture the huge market share in JavaScript development services.

    Have a look at its portfolio

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    Final Note

    I hope that the above list of top JavaScript development companies will help you in choosing the best one. It will also help in growing your current business. All these companies are shortlisted based on the criteria like client feedback, previous work history, a demo of JavaScript development, and word of mouth of previous clients. 

    If you any suggestion to add any JavaScript development company then you should write it down in the comment section below. The company would be shortlisted based on our criteria mentioned. You can also visit our Linkedin and Facebook Profile for latest trends.

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