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    6 Reasons Why You Should Go for a Custom Web Design

    Getting a quality web design is pretty much easy nowadays. Many of them are available under free license by various web hosting service providers. These are often known as free website template and easy to use. Templates are simpler to implement and even a normal internet user can easily play around with it and form an attractive web design. Whether you wish to create a blog or a well developed functional web portal for your users, web designs play an important role. Now, the concept of custom web design comes into picture. Custom designs have many benefits and therefore, people prefer them over the free template web designs. Let’s discuss some of them in detail.

    A Custom Web Design

    #1 – Search Engine Ranking

    It is a fact that the premium custom web designs comes with an additional factor called SEO friendliness. The web designers tend to write a clean and SEO friendly code that can be easily crawled by the search engine bots. For all the online marketing purposes, the custom web design in highly recommended to use. Search engine rankings boosts up your audience and users. Custom web designs are created with an approach to abide the search engine guidelines and parameters.

    #2 – Unique Design

    The template design tend to take away the uniqueness since many people use them as it is. Various premium themes and web designs come with the customization options so that you can easily remove unnecessary components and add relevant sections like widgets, edit the borders, color code the specific areas and much more. Some templates don’t come with pre built functions. In such cases, the CSS can be used to code the custom web design.

    #3 – Usefulness

    Popular websites like sports websites, NEWS websites and informational web platforms require a highly customized features which most of the premium templates do not offer. In such cases, hiring a professional web designing services is very useful. Their trained designers can create the advanced codes that can create the useful menus, widgets, spacing, borders and many useful features.

    #4 – Professional Support

    Purchasing a premium web design or hiring a professional web design services comes with the customer service and technical assistance. In the event of complication or when you wish to customize the design, you can easily reach out to your web designing service and ask them to do so for yourself. If you design your own website, they can help you troubleshoot the issues in the emergent situations. Regular backup services are even provided by many of them.

    #5 – Presentable

    Site visitors can judge your intent by simply looking at your website. In this age of modern day technology, users are aware of the good design factors and content quality. A presentable and nicely designed website can even please the visitors and may decrease the bounce rate.  A good bounce rate also contributes to a better search engine ranking.

    #6 – It Is Not Time Bound

    Customized website carry a unique presentation and design value which does not fades with time. Sometimes, your website design can become your web impression and changing it further may not be suitable for your audience. There are various social networking websites whose designs and color scheme have remained same

    #7 – Style and Personalization

    The custom web design offers you to create a website of your own style and let your personalize it the way you want it. Even in a particular niche, you can set up a new web designing trend and stand apart from the other websites. Web design do carry an important role in marking your website as a unique idea and concept.

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